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  • how to whiten dentures

    5 Ways to Safely Whiten Dentures

    White teeth are everywhere in today’s society. From advertising to celebrities and influencers, white teeth are perceived to exude health, and people with radiant white smiles appear to be full [...]

  • immediate dentures recovery

    Immediate Dentures Recovery and Healing FAQs

    By David Hudnall, DMD Dentists will tell you that the ideal way to transition to wearing dentures is to have all of your teeth removed and allow your gums to [...]

  • dentures cutting into gums

    Why Your Dentures Cut Into Gums & Cause Pain

    If you have lost one or more teeth due to dental disease or injury, dentures may be the best solution to replace missing teeth. Dentures enable you to chew, eat, [...]

  • cost of dental implants

    Average Cost of Dental Implants: Single and Multi-Tooth

    By David Hudnall, DMD Dental implants are a life-changing solution to replace missing teeth. Imagine having implants that function like your own natural teeth without worrying that your denture or [...]

  • quality dentures

    Good vs. Bad Dentures: How to Know The Quality

    Not all dentures are created equal. The two most important factors to consider when getting new dentures or dentures for the first time are quality and appearance. But how do [...]

  • Denture Payment Plans

    Denture Payment Plans & Other Ways to Pay for Dentures

    The cost of dentures can seem like an expensive proposition. If the need for dentures is unplanned or unexpected, the cost of dentures can be especially surprising and quite a [...]

  • plastic dentures

    What Are Plastic Dentures?

    The internet is a wealth of information for all things health-related and otherwise. An internet search of the word “dentures” reveals there are different types of dentures available. Some of [...]

  • Dentist vs. Denturist

    What Are the Key Differences Between a Dentist and a Denturist?

    It is essential to visit a dental professional for your tooth restoration or replacement needs. However, people are usually confused about whether to see a dentist or denturist for new [...]

  • meridian dentists

    Top 5 Meridian Dentists for Dentures

    Dentures are prosthetics that replace missing teeth. If you have lost one or more of your teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury, dentures can help to restore [...]

  • i can't chew with my dentures

    Getting Used to Chewing With Dentures

    Eating with dentures is a very different experience than eating with natural teeth. Think about it. You are now asking a piece of acrylic resting on top of your gums [...]

  • horseshoe upper denture

    What Are Horseshoe Upper Dentures?

    Conventional upper dentures are made to cover the patient’s palate for maximum security and stability. The palate being covered by a well-fitting upper denture actually takes advantage of the upper [...]

  • can denture adhesive make you sick

    Can Denture Adhesive Make You Sick? 3 Side Effects

    Denture adhesives can be a wonderful aid as a temporary solution to make you feel more secure for an important social event. But adhesives are not a substitute for well-fitting [...]

  • emergency denture repair

    Emergency Denture Repair Options: Do’s and Don’ts

    Dentures can often be damaged by accident, even for the most careful denture wearers. If you drop the dentures, it can cause cracks, chips, or breakage. Also, with time, dentures [...]

  • denture repair cost

    How Much Does Denture Repair Cost?

    Broken dentures are a hassle because they always seem to happen at the most inopportune moment. Thankfully, when a denture breaks or a tooth pops out of your denture, you [...]

  • temporary tooth replacement

    Options for Temporary Tooth Replacement

    Emergencies, by definition, are both unexpected and inconvenient. What do you do when a front tooth breaks at the most inopportune time? The best way of replacing a missing tooth [...]

  • getting all teeth pulled at once

    Getting All Teeth Pulled at Once for Dentures: What to Know

    Having multiple bad teeth is a common dilemma for many people who’ve avoided routine dental care for a large part of their lives. Bad teeth not only affect your overall [...]

  • bottom dentures won't stay in

    Reasons Bottom Dentures Won’t Stay in and How to Fix Them

    When we think of dentures, the vast number of denture wearers report that their upper dentures feel secure. Even though upper dentures work against gravity, they gain suction and adhere...

  • Clinic for Dentures in Ontario

    Top 5 Clinics for Dentures in Ontario, OR

    There are many people who have lost some or all of their natural teeth to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury. For many people, dentures are a very practical way [...]

  • Top Clinics for Dentures in Caldwell, ID

    Top 5 Clinics for Dentures in Caldwell, ID

    If you currently have broken or missing teeth, dentures may be the best solution available to replace them. Dentures also enhance your overall appearance and improve your smile, restoring confidence [...]

  • Top Clinics for Dentures in Boise, ID

    Top 5 Clinics for Dentures | Boise, ID

    If you have lost your natural teeth to gum disease, injury, or tooth decay, a denture implant procedure may be the best option to replace your damaged tooth root and [...]

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