During this global health emergency, it is recommended to practice social distancing and stay at home as much as possible to minimize the chance of being infected with the COVID-19 virus. However, it is not advisable to ignore denture emergencies as they may be detrimental to your overall health. To ensure the safety and health of all our patients, emergency access to denture care services must continue during the pandemic. European Denture Center is now offering video consultation services to our patients.

Video consultation is an excellent way to provide the required oral care services to patients while minimizing the risk of cross-infection between dental staff and patients.

Discuss Your Denture Problems with Denturist Henry Babichenko

Henry Babichenko, LD is a nationally recognized expert on topics related to dentures and is a member of the National Denturist Association. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Boise State University and holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Dental Technology from Portland Community College.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of denturistry. As a specialized technical denturist, he has helped thousands of patients restore the functionality of their natural teeth with removable dentures.

Henry is a highly sought-after dental instructor on the subject of removable prostheses at dental conferences nationwide. His friendly and compassionate demeanor with patients creates a positive treatment environment. With his extensive experience and knowledge in dentistry, he can provide you with excellent treatment solutions that will alleviate your denture problems.

Schedule a telehealth consultation with Denturist Henry Babichenko and fix your denture problems for once and for all.

The Benefits of Our Video Consultation

You can enjoy the following benefits through our telemedical services:
  • Easy to Connect with Us
    Accessing our telehealth services is easy. You only need to have a mobile phone, a computer, or a tablet with a microphone, camera, and an internet connection.
  • Convenience
    The risk of COVID-19 transmission is eliminated. With video visits, you talk to our healthcare provider online to discuss your conditions and receive a professional consultation. In addition, video consultation eliminates long wait times and is affordable, saving you a considerable amount on transportation expenses.
  • Quality Care in Your Comfort Zone
    Telehealth offers you the convenience of scheduling a video visit from any location and being seen by our denturist. Telehealth dental services are necessary during this COVID-19 public health emergency. Video services are also useful when you are unable to travel to the denture clinic due to weather, health issues, or transportation problems.
  • Privacy
    Video visits are secure and private. You can have a one-on-one consultation directly with our oral care provider. Except for you and our staff, no one else will be present during the visit.
  • Information Security
    We will keep your personal and medical information confidential and secure. Our video appointments are encrypted, and we adhere strictly to security standards. Our platform is also HIPAA compliant.

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