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What Are Horseshoe Upper Dentures?

Conventional upper dentures are made to cover the patient’s palate for maximum security and stability. The palate being covered by a well-fitting upper denture actually takes advantage of the upper denture’s ability to utilize the natural moisture present in the mouth over a wide area to gain suction. This moisture causes the denture to adhere to the palate and stay in place while eating and talking without denture adhesives.

Most people accept full palatal coverage as a part of wearing upper dentures and move ahead with their lives accordingly. But what can be done if you really cannot get used to wearing a denture that covers the roof of your mouth? Are there any alternatives?

What Are Horseshoe Upper Dentures?

Some patients find it objectionable to have their entire palate covered by denture acrylic. Removing the palate from upper dentures has the advantage of allowing the patient to retain both the sensation of temperature and taste while eating. Having a U-shaped denture also allows the denture to be less bulky and provides more space for the tongue to move within the mouth. Horseshoe upper dentures can be a last resort for patients who have tried to wear an upper denture but are cursed with an extremely sensitive gag reflex. So why aren’t horseshoe upper dentures the standard?

Horseshoe upper dentures without implants have definite drawbacks. They are much less stable than dentures with full palatal coverage. Patients who must wear a palate-free denture are committing themselves to rely on denture adhesives every day, which can be expensive over time and result in undesirable health effects to keep their denture in place. Additionally, horseshoe upper dentures without implants are much more prone to breakage when compared with their full-palate counterparts. The acrylic baseplate that all dentures are made from tends to break more easily without the bulk of material provided by a full palate in the upper arch.

Are Horseshoe Dentures Right for You?

The best candidates for horseshoe upper dentures are patients who have dental implants. Dental implants placed in the upper ridge allow the denture to snap into place for security, preventing instability and the need for denture adhesives. Particularly in cases where the patient has never been able to successfully wear an upper denture due to gagging, the ability to have a horseshoe palate denture supported by implants can be transformative. The denturists at European Denture Center will look at all of your options and work with you to recommend the best choice to specifically address your concerns and meet your needs.

Are There Better Alternatives Than Removable Horseshoe Upper Dentures?

There are. Removable dentures, even those without a palate, are not the only option for people with missing upper teeth. A much stronger Zirconia bridge supported by dental implants is another method to replace your upper teeth without the worry of covering the palate. And, the bridge doesn’t have to be removed after eating to clean under it.

Comfort Designed Specifically for You

Traditional dentures are not the only option for replacing missing teeth. Rather than take a one-treatment-fits-most approach, European Denture Center strives to understand your specific needs, wants, and desires. We have several options to replace your missing teeth at our disposal, allowing you to make a choice that you can be proud of. Whether you choose traditional dentures, implant overdentures, or implant-supported bridgework, we can help you chew better, speak more naturally, and boost your self-confidence.

For more information on any of our tooth replacement solutions, visit European Denture Center today.

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