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  • Digital Dentures

    What Are Digital Dentures and How They Work

    Dentures have rendered tooth loss a fixable problem. While there are people who still choose between different traditional dentures, many dentists are now switching to digital dentures. The term "digital" [...]

  • partial dentures support natural teeth

    Partial Dentures: The Best Alternative for Supporting Your Natural Teeth

    Partial dentures are the best and cost-effective option for those who are looking to replace their decayed or missing teeth with durable and natural-looking dentures.

  • sports mouthguards and nightguards

    Sports Mouthguards and Teeth Grinding Night Guards Protect Your Teeth

    A good quality mouthguard should be made from a durable material, resistant to tears, easy to clean, and comfortable to wear.

  • Sugar harmful for denture wearers

    Is Sugar Harmful for Denture Wearers?

    Dental experts discourage consuming sugary foods and beverages, as they can cause harm to your oral health. However, this does not mean that you need to avoid sugar completely.

  • missing a tooth due to sports injury

    Missing a Tooth Due to a Sports Injury? Here’s What to Do.

    Injuries are a major risk associated with almost every sport. These sports injuries can involve anything including: torn ligaments, broken bones, and missing teeth. According to the American Dental Assistants [...]

  • Missing a tooth

    What Happens If You’re Missing a Tooth and Don’t Replace It?

    If you lost a tooth, it’s not just a charming smile that you lose. It can have a significant impact on your oral health. A missing tooth can also lead [...]

  • Same-Day Dentures

    Same-Day Dentures: Everything You Need to Know

    Dentures are an ideal solution for anyone with missing teeth. However, creating a conventional denture is a time-consuming process.

  • Thermoflex flexible partial dentures

    Thermoflex Flexible Partial Dentures: What You Need to Know

    The Thermoflex resin material is highly beneficial if you are looking for a comfortable and natural-looking teeth replacement.

  • denture repair

    Denture Repair: Things You Need to Know

    In addition to being able to smile in front of others, dentures help you to put your best foot forward in social settings while allowing you to eat comfortably and [...]

  • Partial Denture Styles

    A Useful Guide to Partial Denture Styles

    A partial denture is a perfect option when you are missing a few adjacent teeth but still have several healthy natural teeth left in your mouth. In addition to filling [...]

  • dental flippers

    Dental Flippers: A Perfect Solution to Missing Teeth During Implant Treatments

    There are many temporary solutions available to cover your gaps between teeth while you wait for your gums to heal completely after the dental implant procedure. One option is using [...]

  • dentures at a young age

    Why Should Young People Consider Partial Dentures?

    It is a general misconception that dentures are only meant for older people. While it’s true that dentures are mostly used by the elderly, young people may also need them [...]

  • denture implants

    Partial Dentures/Flippers Vs. Dental Implants: Which One Is Right for You?

    There are many factors to take into consideration when you’re deciding whether to go with partial dentures or implants. Although implants provide a long-lasting solution and require less maintenance, there [...]

  • partial dentures

    Why Partial Dentures Are a Better Alternative to Bridges and Dental Implants

    Dental implants or bridges are practical options for restoring missing teeth. However, not everyone may be eligible to receive both these treatments for various reasons.  Some of the reasons include: [...]

  • denture reline or denture rebase

    Reline or Rebase: Which Is Right for You?

    A denture is an excellent replacement for your lost teeth and their surrounding tissues. Your dentures may need relining or rebasing if they have shifted from their correct position.

  • Why Partial Dentures Are Still a Trusted Option

    Why Partial Dentures Are Still a Trusted Option

    Dental implant surgery is usually not possible in patients having poor health conditions or undergoing certain medications that could complicate the procedure. They can consider getting partial dentures to replace [...]

  • common issues for denture wearers

    5 Common Issues Faced by Denture Wearers

    Dentures are a superior, cost-effective alternative to missing or decayed teeth. However, it may take some time before your tongue, mouth, and facial muscles get used to wearing dentures. Here [...]

  • modern dentures

    Why Modern Dentures Are the Best for Look and Feel

    Dentures are removable devices that help replace missing or decayed teeth. Many people have a misconception that dentures won’t look and feel like their original teeth. However, the fact is [...]

  • partial dentures support natural teeth

    5 Ways Dentures Can Improve Your Appearance and Health

    Dentures are an excellent choice to restore your lost teeth and improve the appearance and function of your smile. Dentures can be custom-built as fixed or removable and made to [...]

  • About Dentures

    Everything You Need To Know About Dentures

    If you’re suffering from oral health problems and are at risk of losing your teeth, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to cope with a life without teeth. Dentures are [...]

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