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Partial dentures

Full Denture

From $119

Repair the pink portion of complete dentures that are chipped, fractured, or broken into pieces.

Partial dentures

Denture Tooth

From $90

Replacement of missing, chipped, or broken teeth from an acrylic or resin complete or partial denture.

Partial dentures

Denture Cleaning
and Polishing

From $50

Refresh the look of your dentures and partials by removing stains and tartar.

Partial dentures

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Call us for an estimate. Our friendly customer care team will discuss with you the best options for repairing your denture and lead you through the entire process.

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Purchase Denture Repair

Purchase your repair service

Clean and disinfect denture

Clean and disinfect your denture

Package Denture

Securely package your denture and ship it out

Cleaned Denture

We repair your appliance the same day* and ship it back priority

Complex Repairs

Dog chewing dentureIf you have a complicated repair or the dental appliance is broken into multiple pieces, take a digital photo of your appliance, showing all of the pieces. Upload and send the photo to us electronically using our online contact form. To save time, please do not ship the denture to us until we have contacted you. No digital camera? Give us a call at 866-428-0505


Absolutely. If it is a clean break, the denture can be fixed by a denture repair technician to look and function like it did before it was broken.

First, we temporarily secure the pieces of the denture in correct orientation while creating an index. Once the index is created and the two halves have been stabilized, we cut out and remove the pink material that surrounds the break. New flowable acrylic or resin is poured into the area and allowed to harden, usually with the aid of heat and pressure. The denture is removed from the reference index, excess acrylic is removed, and the new material is smoothed and highly polished to blend with the original denture base to create a seamless, lasting repair.

Contact us – either via our website or by telephone. We can suggest the best option for your specific case.

With our repair service, the average turnaround time is 4-5 business days, depending on your location and the time the package was delivered to your local Post Office. You can request our Next Day FedEx Express service and get your repair finished and delivered back to you in as little as 2 business days. Often, this is less time than it takes to have a denture repaired by a local dental office. And, you avoid spending precious time visiting the dental office for two or more appointments.

Repairing broken dentures is best left to experienced denture technicians. Dentures seem like they would be easy to repair. But if you don’t have good dexterity, excellent eyesight, and the proper materials, you can really make a mess of things. Many people will try to glue the parts back together. In the long run, the glue won’t hold because the human jaw creates tremendous force when biting. Since the glue is the weakest link, a glued denture will generally fracture again in the same place.

The price to repair a broken dental appliance will vary, depending on the complexity of the break. European Denture Center’s best denture repair service offers upfront and affordable pricing that allows you to know the total cost of your repair before any work is performed. We can also advise you if you would be better served by a new denture.

You can, if you don’t care about having the denture fixed correctly. There is no “best” glue for denture repairs. Home remedies like Gorilla Glue or Super Glue are one step that many denture wearers take in a denture emergency. Unfortunately, these products are difficult to apply correctly and are frequently toxic.  If the glue sets before the pieces of the denture are properly positioned together, you can render the denture completely unwearable. Leave the repairs to the professionals before you resort to using glue. Experienced denture technicians have the proper materials and the experience to fix your denture correctly the first time.

The best way is to clean them over several thicknesses of folded towels or over a basin of water. If the dentures fall, the towel or water will cushion the blow and the denture will be less likely to break.

Effervescent cleaners can leave the denture feeling fresh but they are not a substitute or a replacement for brushing. Like natural teeth, dentures must be brushed daily to prevent stains from forming and to remove plaque build-up that can harden into tartar. Use a soft bristle brush made especially for dentures and liquid soap or a denture polishing paste for best results. Avoid using hard bristle brushes or toothpaste meant for natural teeth. Both of these will scratch your dentures and will wear them out prematurely.

Making at-home repairs or adjustments is not recommended or advisable. Adjusting or repairing dentures or partials with home repair kits without using the proper materials and techniques, such as indicator pastes and pliers made specifically for adjusting partial denture clasps, can lead to irreparable damage to your dental appliance. Home adjustments can also lead to sore spots and tissue irritation that doesn’t resolve without the intervention of a dental professional.

Loose dentures are generally caused by normal, gradual shrinkage of the bone and tissue that supports your dentures. Dentures may also become loose if you have lost weight. Many times, the fit of loose dentures can be greatly improved with a laboratory reline. A laboratory reline is a procedure that allows new pink material to be selectively added to the inside of your dentures in order to take up the space created by shrinkage. The procedure helps improve the fit of your dentures while retaining the look that you are accustomed to. Visit a dental professional to find out if a reline is an appropriate treatment for your specific situation.

Denture cleaning kit

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