Dentist vs. Denturist
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What Are the Key Differences Between a Dentist and a Denturist?

It is essential to visit a dental professional for your tooth restoration or replacement needs. However, people are usually confused about whether to see a dentist or denturist for new dentures or denture implants. So, knowing the differences between these dental care professionals will help you in making your appointment.

What is a denturist?

A denturist is a trained, licensed dental professional specialized in creating, inserting, and repairing removable full or partial dentures and implant-supported dentures. They also provide comprehensive denture care and work solely with denture patients.

What do denturists do?

The major role of a denturist is to replace missing teeth with full, partial, or implant-supported dentures. Their ability to determine patients’ denture requirements and the expertise in creating and adjusting dentures sets them apart from a general dentist and a lab technician.

Denturists handcraft each denture, whereas a dentist will send it to a dental lab. This makes a remarkable difference in the overall success of dentures. A general dentist is knowledgeable and experienced concerning oral health and natural restorations, but a denturist is specialized in dentures as the missing teeth.

Dentist vs. Denturist

A qualified denturist would have completed the denturist technology program at an accredited college and a practicum under a licensed denturist. With this training and experience, they can deal with patients experiencing tooth loss and provide effective, durable, and informed denture solutions.

Dentists are dental care practitioners specializing in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental problems. They will often refer their patients to a licensed denturist for tooth restoration or replacement.

Often, dentists and denturists work together to ensure the best tooth replacement solution and aftercare for their patients.

Which is the better option to choose?

Choosing a dentist or denturist depends on your oral problems and requirements. You can visit a dentist to diagnose or treat your dental issues and teeth removal or extraction. Choosing the denturist is the better option for replacing your lost or extracted teeth. Denturists are 100% focused on dentures/false teeth and charge less for denture services than a dentist.

Services provided by a denturist include:

  • Examinations and consultations including checking your medical and dental history, analyzing your oral cavity, and examining the hard and soft tissues of your mouth to determine your denture requirements accurately.
  • Complete upper and lower dentures to replace all missing teeth.
  • Partial dentures to replace a few lost teeth in the lower or upper arch to fill the spaces left by the missing teeth and protect your remaining teeth.
  • Immediate dentures to help in the healing process while your permanent dentures are being made.
  • Denture implants support and provide a foundation for your partial or full dentures.
  • Repairing and relining dentures as required.

Benefits of Visiting a Denturist

Whether you have lost your tooth due to injury, age, or disease, visiting a denture clinic can help restore your smile while providing these benefits:

  • Advice, Support, and Compassion

    Surviving tooth loss can be difficult, as routine activities such as chewing, talking, smiling, and eating become embarrassing and uncomfortable. In such circumstances, searching the web for “preferred denturist near me” and opting to visit an expert denturist can help ease your worries while providing you the right denture solution.

  • Custom Denture Solutions

    As a qualified practitioner, a denturist can create high-quality, customized dentures that are aesthetically pleasing, fit well, and allow you to maintain your oral health.

Can a regular dentist do dentures?

No! A regular dentist can only take impressions and measurements of your mouth and then order your dentures from a denturist. Remember that if you need to get dentures or have an issue with your existing ones, the best option is to visit a denturist to get expert denture care at reasonable prices.

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