Emergency Denture Repair

Have a tooth broken on your dentures? We can fix that. Do you need your dentures repaired right away? We know that life doesn’t stop just because your dentures need a tweak. That’s why we offer quick and convenient emergency denture repair. Whether it’s a full denture repair, partial denture repair, or anything in between, we’re here to help fix broken dentures and get you back to the things you love.

Trust the European Denture Center’s certified dental technicians to provide quick and affordable denture repair. We replace broken teeth, fix denture cracks, mend one tooth dental flippers, and repair broken partial clasps. If your dentures break, give us a call to start the process of renewing your dentures to their proper look and function.

Same Day Denture Repair

You can’t go about your day with an improperly functioning set of dentures. Well-fitting dental appliances assist you in speaking and allow you to enjoy your favorite foods. They also help maintain healthy bone structure and give you a great smile. It’s essential to maintain your dentures with regular cleanings and relines so that you can enjoy life to its fullest. European Denture Center offers quick and easy denture repairs while you wait. Call us to schedule your same-day denture repair appointment.

Four Convenient Denture Repair Locations

Since 2008, the European Denture Center has been trusted by thousands of local patients for all their denture needs, from simple denture tooth repairs to more involved denture relines. With four convenient locations in Boise, Idaho, Caldwell – Nampa, Idaho and Everett, Washington, we proudly serve our community. Our highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals fabricate and repair dentures in our on-site dental laboratory.

Denture Repair and reline

Same-Day Denture Repairs

  • Emergency denture repair
  • Walk in denture repair
  • Ask us about one hour denture repair

Please note some severe breaks such as a cracked base or several broken teeth may require 24 hours to repair.

Denture Repair Costs

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Hard Chairside Reline Denture

$190 each

Competitor price: $250 each

Temporary Chairside Soft Reline

$99 each

Competitor price: $400 each

Lab Permanent

$390 each

Competitor price: $575 each

Lab Permanent
Soft Reline

$490 each

Competitor price: $575 each


Starts at $149

Competitor price: $199 each

EXTRAS: Cost of custom balance occlusion and tissue conditioner denture – $200 each

*Our dental lab also offers denture reline services and other premier dental services.

Denture Repair FAQs

Over time, our mouths change shape. Our gums shift and move. Dentures that were perfectly fit to your mouth and gum structure may loosen over time due to these changes. A denture reline is simply the reforming of the underside of the dentures to your new mouth and gum shape. At European Denture Center, relining is an extremely simple and convenient procedure that will renew the fit and extend the life of your dentures.

When a new set of dentures is made, it’s designed specifically for your mouth and gum structure. Over time, your gum tissues transform, which may lead to loose-fitting dentures that are more likely to shift inside your mouth. Getting your dentures professionally relined will help keep them secure and functional.

The three main types of denture relines are hard relines, soft relines and temporary relines. Depending on the severity of the tissue change, our dental experts will recommend the best option to fit your dental needs.

Hard denture reline:

A hard reline often is made from the same material as the body of a denture. It is a hard acrylic and will last for many years.

Soft denture reline:

A soft reline is used when a patient gets many sore spots or wants a more cushioned feel to their denture.

Temporary reline:

A temporary reline is usually done when significant changes are expected in the future. They are provisional and are replaced with a more long-lasting reline.

We can often repair cracked dentures the same day you bring them in, although each case is unique. If the issue is a hairline broken tooth or is otherwise minor, a repair is usually the best option. Our expert dentists will work with you to rectify any underlying causes of the crack, such as thinning of the dentures, an improper fit, or an uneven bite to ensure the crack does not return.

With proper care and maintenance, a soft reline can last for several months as long as it remains secure, comfortable, pliable, and free of bacteria.

Often, dentures can be relined the very same day, allowing you to walk out proudly with a refreshed set of dentures. However, each case is different. We’ll work with you to make sure the necessary procedures are performed on a timeline that works for everyone.

You should have your dentures relined every 1 to 2 years. Relining will not affect the visual aesthetics of your dentures, but it will help your dentures to adapt to the changing shape of your gums and fit accordingly.

If your dentures have split completely in two, there are many options depending on the type and severity of the break. In some cases, we’ll be able to repair the dentures to be good-as-new. In other cases, a brand-new denture will be your best bet to getting back to what it is you do best: living your life.

The cost to reline a denture varies depending on the type of denture and the type of reline material used. Your denture dentist will discuss the exact price to reline your denture based upon your individual requirements and oral conditions.

When it comes to repairing dentures, using the right adhesive or glue is essential to ensure a secure and long-lasting fix. While there are various products on the market, it’s important to visit a dental professional for any repairs.

These adhesives come in various forms, including creams, powders, and strips. Denture adhesives help improve the fit of your dentures, minimize movement, and prevent food particles from getting trapped beneath them. As such they are extremely strong.

One wrong move or glue placement can completely ruin your dentures. If your dentures are significantly damaged, it’s best to consult a denture repair service for proper assessment and repair.

Repairing dentures at home can be a tempting idea, especially if you’re trying to save time and money. However, it’s important to note that dentures are complex dental appliances that require proper knowledge, skills, and materials to repair effectively. While minor adjustments and fixes might be manageable for some individuals, more extensive repairs are best left to dental professionals.

Avoid purchasing a denture repair kit is tempting, but these kits offer only temporary solutions. Here are a few things to consider:

Type of Damage: If your dentures have minor issues like a small chip or a loose tooth, you might attempt a temporary fix at home using denture repair kits available over-the-counter. However, for more significant damage, like a broken base or multiple missing teeth.

Proper Fit: Dentures need to fit your mouth perfectly to ensure comfort, proper chewing, and speaking. Attempting to adjust the fit at home without proper expertise might lead to even more discomfort or damage.

Hygiene and Safety: Dental health is closely tied to overall health, and any damage to dentures could affect your oral well-being. Using inappropriate materials or techniques for repair might introduce harmful bacteria or toxins into your mouth.

Longevity: Professional dental repairs are likely to be more durable and long-lasting compared to DIY fixes. Improperly repaired dentures might lead to recurring issues, requiring more frequent repairs or replacements in the long run.

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