Denture Payment Plans
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Denture Payment Plans & Other Ways to Pay for Dentures

The cost of dentures can seem like an expensive proposition. If the need for dentures is unplanned or unexpected, the cost of dentures can be especially surprising and quite a shock to your budget. However, high-quality dentures designed to last 5 to 10 years are an investment in your better health and your self-esteem. When the cost of dentures is spread out over their lifetime, the cost per day is very low, even for the best quality dentures.

What Is the Average Cost of Dentures With or Without Insurance?

The main factor that affects the cost of dentures is the quality of the materials used to fabricate them. Dentures made from cheaper materials will look less natural and will be prone to wear and breakage, thereby shortening their lifespan. An investment in dentures made from state-of-the-art, high-quality materials will afford you a much more lifelike appearance. In addition, their fit will be far superior to that of less expensive dentures, saving you discomfort and the embarrassment of dealing with loose dentures.

Average Denture Cost Without Insurance

In 2021, individual denture cost ranges from $500 for a basic denture to $2000 or more for the best quality denture on average, depending on your geographic location. Many denture providers have established access to some form of denture financing program to help offset the cost of getting what you need immediately.

Average Denture Cost With Insurance

Most dental insurers consider dentures a major dental procedure and cover 50 percent of the cost up to a maximum payout less any deductible or co-payment. The patient will be required to pay the remaining balance out-of-pocket. Many policies have waiting periods and stipulations based on the age of existing dentures that must be satisfied before paying for new or replacement dentures.

Because insurance policies vary wildly depending on the insurer and the patient’s employer, it is always advisable to check with your specific insurer to determine what your policy could be expected to pay. Based upon 2021 estimates, patients with dental insurance can expect to pay an average of between $250 to $2000 per denture or $500 to $4000 for a complete set.

4 Options for Denture Financing

Fortunately, there are a few denture payment plans and financing options that you can consider to fund your new dentures.

Healthcare Savings Accounts

If your employer offers a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA), you can take advantage of the funds you have accumulated before taxes to offset your out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare services, including dentures. Most plans offer some sort of debit card linked directly to your account that allows you to pay for health-related services at the time of service. The cost of services paid using this method will be calculated into your income for the calendar year, and your taxable income will be adjusted accordingly on your income tax form for the year.

Healthcare Financing

Many dental providers offer financing for big-expense items, like denture payment plans, through a third-party financing resource such as Care Credit. These healthcare finance plans allow the patient to get the dental work they need. All the while, they pay for services over an agreed-upon number of months, often with no interest charges. Many dental offices will help you access these financing resources over the phone or via computer from their facility so that you can get started on the treatment right away.

Understand that this financing is an agreement between the patient and the financial organization. The dental provider is in no way a part of the agreement. As long as the patient pays as contracted, there are no hidden fees. It is like an interest-free loan to pay for dentures. Be aware you will incur additional fees and steep interest charges should you deviate from the repayment schedule.

Credit Card

You can essentially create a do-it-yourself denture payment plan if you have a credit card with sufficient available credit. Using a credit card does require planning and financial discipline because interest rates can be high. The cost to you can be a lot more than the cost of the dentures. But there are certain situations where it is possible to use a credit card judiciously and to your advantage in exchange for such things as airline mileage or other perks.

If you plan to pay off the balance in full without incurring additional monthly interest charges, this method may be a consideration.

Denture Assistance Programs

Patients with limited resources who need dentures may qualify for certain denture assistance programs to help offset the cost of dentures. These programs are administered via government grants or non-profit charities that specifically help people get dentures based on need and income. Most programs do not cover the cost of additional dental services such as extractions or other oral surgery procedures.

To find out more about the types of assistance available, do an internet search of “Denture Assistance Programs.” If you have low-income, you might be surprised about the number of available resources to you simply by applying.

Paying for Dentures Doesn’t Have to be Daunting

Don’t let the cost of dentures be an obstacle to your overall health and well-being. European Denture Center has multiple convenient financial payment options to suit any need or budget.

  • Cash or Credit Card. Pay for treatment in full at the time of service.
  • Insurance. We work with many in-network and out-of-network dental insurance providers to help you receive the benefits that you are due.
  • Care Credit. Care Credit is a source of financing for dentures. It may also be used to pay for other necessary dental services, such as extractions, that are not covered by dental insurance.
  • Medicaid. If you qualify for Medicaid dental benefits, we’ll use those benefits to provide treatment within Medicaid’s guidelines.
  • Flexible payment choices. We’ll work with you to discover the best creative denture financing options available to you!At European Denture Center, we’re always ready to answer your questions regarding dental financing and our own financial policy. Our team of billing experts will simplify the entire process for you, letting you focus on the things that really matter most! Explore our payment options and contact us with any questions you may have about affording dentures.