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If you have lost some or all of your teeth or are dealing with an ill-fitting uncomfortable denture, you can get an aesthetic and functional tooth replacement solution with a European Denture Center in Caldwell, ID. Our Dentures are designed to match the appearance and fit of your natural teeth. We have been delivering high-quality, affordable dentures, denture implants, and partial dentures for over a decade.

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Highly trained dental experts. A large variety of denture solutions. Friendly staff that walks with you every step of the way. Clean and beautiful office environment. Advance comfort dentures, partial dentures, denture implants at affordable prices.

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Why Choose Us for Dentures in Caldwell and Nampa Idaho?

Dentures can be a perfect solution to restore your smile and confidence. Here are a few significant reasons to choose our denture care center in Caldwell, ID:

  • Our denture care center in Caldwell, ID, but is a quick drive from Nampa, ID. Our offices are fully equipped with state-of-the-art dental technologies and an on-site dental lab.

  • We have a team of highly-trained, experienced, and certified staff and denture dentists.

  • Our dentures are custom-crafted using high-grade materials and latest technologies. They are wear-resistant and provide supreme comfort, durability, and natural look.
  • All of our dentures are built in our on-site lab, saving you considerable time and money, and our dentures are offered with a money back guarantee.

  • During your free denture consultation, our denture specialists will carry out a thorough oral and smile examination, understand your concerns, and explain your options.

  • We strive to make dentures in Caldwell, Idaho to be affordable for all, so we accept most insurance policies, payment plans, and Medicaid.


Your dentist can suggest the one best suited to your needs. Metal does have a couple of advantages compared to plastic, it’s resilient and longer lasting than plastic. Plastic can be chosen if you are allergic to any metal.

Yes. Several dentures are retained exceptionally well either by using tight clips called attachments or through dental implants. If you have these kinds of fittings on your denture, chewing regular gum may be considered.

Initially, you may feel awkward with your new partial dentures, or it may appear bulky to you. This is common, but you will quickly get accustomed to wearing it.

You can apply these two methods to clean your dentures naturally:

  • Baking Soda – You can make a natural toothpaste by mixing two tsp. of baking soda with adequate water to get a thick paste consistency. Gently and thoroughly scrub debris away from your dentures using a soft-bristled toothbrush and your natural toothpaste. Rinse your denture carefully and leave it to dry out.
  • White Vinegar – Another natural option is to combine equal measures of white vinegar and warm water. For best results, allow your dentures to soak in the solution for about 30 minutes or overnight. Make sure to rinse the dentures thoroughly before putting them back into your mouth.

If you are preparing to get full dentures or partial dentures, your dentist may suggest using immediate dentures in the course of the healing process. Immediate dentures act as temporary dentures and boost your denture implant recovery.

Yes, dentures can be worn at night, but you should consider removing them at night to help your gums and bone to relax from the denture pressure they undergo all through the day.


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