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  • Dentures in Sugar

Is Sugar Harmful for Denture Wearers?

December 19th, 2019|

Dental experts discourage consuming sugary foods and beverages, as they can cause harm to your oral health. However, this does not mean that you need to avoid sugar completely.

  • Hockey Player Missing a tooth

Missing a Tooth Due to a Sports Injury? Here’s What to Do.

December 4th, 2019|

Injuries are a major risk associated with almost every sport. These sports injuries can involve anything including: torn ligaments, broken bones, and missing teeth. According to the American Dental Assistants Association, the players experience three [...]

  • Flipper

Flipper Tooth: What You Need to Know

November 26th, 2019|

A flipper tooth, also known as acrylic removable partial denture is an attractive prosthetic tooth option. It rests on your lower jaw or fits along your mouth palate, and usually has one or more prosthetic [...]

  • Missing Teeth

What Happens If You’re Missing a Tooth and Don’t Replace It?

November 20th, 2019|

If you lost a tooth, it’s not just a charming smile that you lose. It can have a significant impact on your oral health. A missing tooth can also lead to other dental complications if [...]

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