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  • smiling with dentures

Smiling with Dentures: How to be Confident with Dentures

January 27th, 2022|

Dentures are a comfortable removable tooth replacement option. While they restore the form and function of your natural teeth, dentures can also help improve your confidence when smiling. It is normal for you to need [...]

  • dental implant problems

How to Avoid Dental Implant Problems

January 12th, 2022|

Dental implants are a long-term, permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. They enjoy a high rate of success while providing multiple benefits including preventing your teeth from shifting, maintaining bone structure for the support of [...]

  • learning to talk with dentures

Learning to Talk with Dentures: Speak Clearly with Dentures

January 12th, 2022|

With new dentures it is quite common to experience lisping, slurring, and pronunciation problems in the beginning. Becoming accustomed to wearing new dentures requires a commitment of time, patience, and practice. Once you get used [...]

  • wearing dentures 24/7

Is Wearing Dentures 24/7 OK? 6 Things to Know

January 10th, 2022|

By David Hudnall, DMD Dentures can be transformative for patients who suffer from missing or broken teeth, allowing them to eat, speak, and laugh with confidence in social situations and improve their overall quality of [...]

  • Partial Denture Styles

Different Types of Partial Dentures

December 28th, 2021|

By David Hudnall, DMD Partial dentures are an economical tooth replacement option for individuals who have one or more broken, missing, or damaged teeth. If the majority of the remaining teeth are still strong and [...]

  • can I use my dental insurance in another state

Considering an Out-of-State Dentist? A Helpful Guide

December 22nd, 2021|

You might not always find your desired dental care treatment option within your city or state that is within your budget. There are times that you may want to consider expanding your search to include [...]

  • Couple Smiling full dentures

Bridge or Partial Denture: Which One Is Best for You?

December 21st, 2021|

By David Hudnall, DMD Replacing a missing tooth is more important than you probably think. If you don’t have the tooth replaced, the repercussions extend far beyond aesthetics alone. Your remaining teeth may shift over [...]

  • all-on-4 dental implants

Should You Get All-On-4 Dental Implants?

December 16th, 2021|

By David Hudnall, DMD Now, more than ever, denture wearers have options. They’re no longer forced to deal with wearing the same type of dentures that their grandparents wore. While some patients swear by their [...]

  • temporary dentures

The Biggest Issues with Temporary Dentures Over the Counter

November 29th, 2021|

By David Hudnall, DMD It’s amazing the lengths that people will go to in order to avoid seeking help from someone who has the expertise to fix a problem correctly. One-size-fits-most temporary denture kits available [...]

  • nampa dentists

Top 5 Denture Clinics in Nampa, Idaho

November 29th, 2021|

By David Hudnall, DMD Losing your teeth doesn't have to mean living without the ability to eat or smile. Dentures not only enhance your quality of life; they improve the way you chew and speak. [...]

  • temporary dentures vs permanent

Temporary Dentures vs. Permanent Dentures: 5 Things To Know

November 17th, 2021|

By David Hudnall, DMD Many terms are used in various ways to categorize dental-related procedures that can mean different things to different people. A few examples include permanent dentures vs. temporary dentures, transitional dentures vs. [...]

  • how to speak clearly with dentures

How to Speak Clearly with Dentures: Essential Tips to Know

November 2nd, 2021|

Speaking with new dentures is often a significant concern for those planning to get them.  Dentures can cause speech changes like lisping, slurring, and other speech alterations. This is why we have compiled useful information [...]

  • denture stomatitis

What is Denture Stomatitis and How Do You Treat It?

October 28th, 2021|

By David Hudnall, DMD Denture stomatitis is a very common condition. So much so that it is not unusual for patients to have it without even realizing it. In fact, patients are often taken by [...]

  • dentures rubbing gums

Experiencing Denture Sores? 5 Ways to Treat the Problem

October 21st, 2021|

Dentures rubbing gums is nothing to ignore. Left untreated, denture sores can make you feel miserable and cause temporary or permanent damage to your gum tissue. There are numerous reasons for dentures rubbing gums. Fortunately, [...]

  • implant-supported dentures reviews

Implant-Supported Dentures Reviews and Testimonials

September 27th, 2021|

Implant-supported dentures are transformative and life-changing for many. Sometimes, understanding what is possible is the motivation for self-improvement. Let’s read some implant-supported denture testimonials and discuss a synopsis of what lead the patient to get [...]

  • denture implant procedure

Implant-Supported Dentures Process and Procedure

September 17th, 2021|

Getting implant-supported dentures is a process, not a one-and-done denture procedure. Although placing multiple implants at one visit is possible, integration and restoration of the implants with a final denture generally takes from 8 to [...]

  • what to eat after having teeth pulled

Here’s What to Eat After Having Teeth Pulled for Dentures

September 10th, 2021|

Having teeth pulled or having teeth pulled and dentures put in at the same time brings many changes — some of which you probably never thought of experiencing. The biggest worry that most patients have [...]

  • types of dental implants

The Best Dental Implant Types and Techniques

September 9th, 2021|

By David Hudnall, DMD Dental implants have become the go-to dental procedure for replacing missing or damaged teeth. Many dental professionals offer them as an alternative to procedures that were formerly commonplace in dentistry. Thanks [...]

  • implant-retained vs implant-supported dentures

Implant-Supported vs. Implant-Retained Dentures [2022 Guide]

August 26th, 2021|

By David Hudnall, DMD Are you missing all of your natural teeth? Dentures are a cost-effective way to replace the teeth that you are missing. They allow you to eat, speak, laugh, and help to [...]

  • implant-retained dentures

Implant-Retained Dentures: Benefits, Examples, and Cost

August 19th, 2021|

If you have lost your adult teeth due to age, injury, tooth decay, or disease, implant-retained dentures can be a safe and effective choice for replacing your missing teeth. This type of denture looks and [...]

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