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Good vs. Bad Dentures: How to Know The Quality

Not all dentures are created equal. The two most important factors to consider when getting new dentures or dentures for the first time are quality and appearance. But how do you tell the quality of dentures? What are the factors to look for in good dentures vs. bad dentures? High-quality dentures allow you to eat and speak properly, flatter your face, and boost your self-confidence. Designed to last for 5 to 10 years, quality dentures are an investment in yourself. Yet, many people hold on to the idea that cheaper and quicker is somehow better. So why isn’t a cheap, fast set of dentures the way to go?

Different qualities of dentures do have their place. Less expensive dentures are appropriate to achieve short-term goals. A good use for less expensive dentures is immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are the ultimate temporary solution for replacing missing teeth right after having teeth extracted. They are designed to be worn only until your gums have healed enough to have new, better quality dentures made.

Why is a Quality Denture Important?

Your overall health can suffer from dentures that don’t fit properly. Quality dentures allow you to eat and chew a wide variety of healthy foods for proper nutrition without worrying about dentures that slip or require adhesives to wear. Yearly check-ups with the denturist allow any problems with your dentures to be addressed before they become an issue. Neglect is expensive. Regular dental visits save time and money in the long run.

3 Signs of High-Quality Dentures

Though there are a handful of signs that you’ve invested in high-quality dentures, we’ve highlighted a few key signs below.

The Dentures Fit Like a Glove

Good impressions are the starting point for any dentures. But impressions are only one part of the equation. The difference in fit between good dentures vs. bad dentures is also dependent on the quality of the material being used and the time invested to make the dentures. Dentures made using computer-aided technology offer a first-rate fit because they are milled from defect-free highly-polymerized acrylic derivatives. Milling allows for excellent adaptation to the gum tissue at delivery, eliminating the need for numerous adjustments to relieve the sore spots so typical with dentures processed by traditional reverse-image methods. The difference in fit is immediately noticeable.

The Natural Look Enhances Your Appearance

There is an art to selecting the appropriate size, shape, color, and lip support for denture teeth to enhance your appearance and naturally flatter your face. Taking the time to work with an experienced denturist can mean the difference between dentures that look all right versus dentures that appear to be your natural teeth.

You are Able to Chew and Enjoy Eating

This goes beyond fit. Properly designed dentures take into account the best arrangement of the teeth over your jawbone to give you a great eating experience while still looking natural. The dentures properly support your facial muscles, lips, and cheeks without overstretching your mouth upon closing. When teeth are aligned optimally in all dimensions, the dentures fit securely and you are able to chew comfortably without accidentally biting yourself.

3 Signs of Bad Quality Dentures

When receiving new dentures, there are a few signs that they may be lower quality. Watch for these signs and consider investing in a new high-quality pair of dentures for a better experience.

Poor Fit

Even with excellent impressions, dentures made from cheaper quality materials do not fit as well as they could because the cheaper acrylic base material shrinks to a greater degree during processing. Cheaper materials can shrink more than 0.1%, affecting both the fit and the functionality of the dentures. This results in bad dentures that are unstable or loose. Dentures made from low-quality denture acrylic are also subject to breakage and cracking and do not offer the longevity of dentures made from better quality materials.

An Adverse Effect on Your Health

Rapid processing methods are often employed to make less expensive grades of dentures quickly. These short-cut methods are prone to incomplete chemical reactions, allowing free monomers to be released from the finished dentures for many weeks after fabrication. The result is Denture Contact Stomatitis, an inflammatory reaction to the denture material itself, that causes the gums and tissue in the palate to burn and become irritated while wearing the dentures.

Unnatural Appearance

Often, basic dentures that are offered at a low price come with limited gum color choices and tooth selections, making them look less natural and more like false teeth. It’s easy to spot someone wearing bad dentures in public because their teeth are all you notice about them. Your vision is naturally attracted toward something that is an outlier or looks like it doesn’t belong. Intensely white teeth, although popular in advertising, are not always appropriate for everyone. People who possess certain skin tones or hair colors will look like their teeth are fake when they choose ultra-white denture teeth.

Quality Dentures at a Variety of Price Points

European Denture Center works exclusively with a modern dental laboratory that employs state-of-the-art materials and computer-aided technology to produce dentures that address the two main concerns of dental professionals and patients alike: quality and appearance. Dentures produced by 3D milling technology assure that the fit and comfort of European’s premium denture lines will be far superior to any denture produced by traditional laboratory processing methods. Even our budget-conscious line is of a higher quality than comparable dentures offered by most denture clinics. When quality and appearance are important, trust European Denture Center to deliver!

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