Same Day Immediate Dentures from $498

Getting dentures can be life-changing, but also daunting. Don’t worry. At European Denture Center, we offer help and support at every step. If you have only a few teeth, one option is extracting those teeth to be replaced by pristine, custom-fit dentures. We provide immediate dentures after tooth extraction on the very same day, ensuring that you’re never without your teeth.

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What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures, also called instant dentures or one day dentures, are temporary dentures that are inserted immediately following a tooth extraction, whether that be a single tooth extraction or a full mouth extraction. These dentures are usually required to be worn for the first two to three months after the tooth removal. They help to protect your gums during the denture healing process and make the transition to permanent dentures easier, along with providing support to the integrity of your bone structure.

One Day Dentures – Extractions and Dentures in a Day

The immediate denture procedure differs from the conventional denture procedure because the dentures are created from the impressions before the teeth have been removed.  With immediate dentures, we perform extraction and create dentures in the very same day so that you leave looking refreshed, feeling renewed, and ready to continue the journey to permanent dentures! If you’re looking for temporary dentures after tooth removal, European Denture Center works with you to craft a beautiful set of immediate denture that will ease you into your permanent dentures.

Immediate Dentures

from $498 per arch

Our Immediate Denture Process:

We’ll walk you through every step of the process, including easy-to-follow immediate denture post-op instructions.

An expert European Denture Center denture dentist or denturist will take a few impressions of your mouth to fabricate your temporary dentures.

As soon as your teeth have been extracted, the denturist will place your temporary dentures. The temporary dentures are meant to be worn until your permanent dentures are created, allowing the mouth to heal and adapt to dentures.

Your dentist will prescribe pain medication and recommend some practices to ease you into your new permanent dentures. Minor soreness, swelling, and increased saliva production may be experienced in your first day with immediate dentures as your mouth heals and adapts to the dentures. By day 4 after immediate dentures, you should start to feel the process of acclimation beginning.

Along with the pain medication, cold packs will aid in relieving soreness and swelling. Take care to apply gentle biting pressure in the first few days of immediate dentures. Immediate denture pain relief is important to us, so keep in touch if you’re not seeing improvement over the days.

In the first few weeks, the swelling and soreness will subside, allowing you to more fully enjoy your new dentures. Chewing ability, speech, and general wear will gradually improve.

As you continue to adapt to dentures, eat soft foods. Practice talking with your dentures. Visit us for any minor adjustments to your immediate dentures.

When your permanent dentures are ready for the initial custom-fitting, visit us again. Keep your immediate dentures as a spare.

Note: Perform proper cleaning and care for your immediate dentures daily.

FAQs on Immediate Dentures

It’s not recommended that immediate dentures be treated as permanent for long-term use. Dentists usually recommend immediate dentures for patients who undergo extractions due to gum disease or decay. Immediate dentures allow for smiling and interacting without the embarrassment that sometimes comes from missing or decayed teeth. Immediate dentures also allow for the smooth transition to permanent dentures, because although it is possible to receive tooth extraction and dentures in the same day, permanent dentures require careful manufacturing that takes a few days.

For same-day tooth extraction and denture insertion, immediate dentures are the best choice for a smooth transition to permanent dentures. An immediate denture is either a partial or a complete denture inserted into a patient’s mouth immediately after a tooth extraction.

Immediate dentures allow you to leave the dental clinic with a full set of teeth while your permanent dentures are being made. The process of crafting a set of permanent dentures often takes two to four weeks, so immediate dentures greatly aid in the acclimation and healing process in the interim.

You may experience soreness and slight discomfort once your immediate dentures are placed, but immediate denture recovery time tends to be just a few weeks before your dentures start to feel just like natural teeth. Give your denture dentist a call, however, if you’d like your immediate dentures adjusted for a more comfortable fit. Often, just a minor adjustment is needed for same day denture repair. Also a visit to our recommended emergency denture repair lab can be very easy and stress-free.

The price of immediate dentures varies depending upon the oral health conditions and preferences of the patient. Your dentist will inform you of the exact cost based on your individual situation before any work is performed.

It’s not recommended to go more than 2-3 days with your immediate dentures removed. This is because immediate dentures actually aid in the healing and acclimation process. If persistent bleeding or pain persists, it may indicate a problem that can be addressed by a denture adjustment. Some discomfort is normal. Your immediate dentures can be removed for short periods of time, but should remain inserted as often as is tolerable. Over time, the pain and swelling should subside.

Because immediate dentures are molded and created before your tooth extraction, they are ready to be inserted immediately following the procedure. They’ll aid in the healing process and preserve the integrity of the bone structure while your permanent dentures are being produced and fitted.

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