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Affordable Denture Implant Solutions

You deserve to have a beautiful, healthy smile. Denture implants could be the best solution for you. European Denture Center offers affordable denture implants in Boise, ID as well as at its other locations for dentures and denture implants in Nampa/Caldwell/Everett. We provide a variety of fixed implant-supported dentures to restore your smile with long-lasting results. Our snap-in overdenture is just one way we can help you chew better, speak more clearly, and boost your confidence. Replace missing teeth and increase your quality of life!

What is an Implant-Supported Denture?

An implant-supported denture is a unique type of denture that is attached to dental implants secured to your jawbone instead of floating on your gums like a traditional denture. This dental implant surgery creates a secure fit, allowing you to chew, smile, and speak without the denture adhesives or slippage associated with traditional dentures.

How Do Implant-Supported Dentures Function?

If you do not have any natural teeth but have a sufficient quantity of healthy jawbone to support multiple dental implants, an implant-supported denture can be made in most cases. Special attachments embedded within the denture base snap onto the implant abutments to give the implant dentures a secure fit.

Implant-supported dentures are used more frequently in the lower jaw. That’s because patients usually have more trouble keeping their lower conventional dentures in place. However, implant-retained fixed dentures can also be beneficial and used effectively in the upper jaw, if desired.

We Offer Two Types of Affordable Dentures

European Denture Center proudly provides two different types of denture implants in Boise, ID and at our other modern facilities located in Caldwell, ID and Everett, WA, all at competitive prices.

snap in denture implants

Zest Locator® Snap-On Dentures

The Zest Locator® system works well for many denture wearers. Your denture fastens (or “snaps” in) to either two or four implants. The Zest Locator® are removable dentures that can easily be removed for cleaning. If you’re worried about the cost of snap-in dentures or the cost of denture implants in Boise, ID, rest assured knowing that European Denture Center will work with you to find the best, most affordable denture solution using our own denture lab.

all on four denture implants

All-On-4 Dental Implants

Using this revolutionary technique, our denture implant specialists will replace all of your natural teeth with a removable denture or a fixed bridge attached to the All-On-4™ dental implant system. The cost of All-On-4 implants does vary from patient to patient but is reasonably priced, especially when the denture is crafted by our own European Denture Center denture laboratory that provides affordable denture implants in Boise, Idaho or dentures/denture implants in Nampa/Caldwell/Everett.

Change Your Life With Implant-Retained Dentures

There’s no need to compromise or struggle with temporary dentures. Enjoy what you want to eat with the help of implant-retained or implant-supported dentures. Smile and laugh without worrying about your dentures moving around. Be confident speaking in social settings and at work without worrying about lost teeth. And, do all of this at an affordable price that doesn’t break the bank. Permanent denture implants may be the answer to improving your health, protecting your remaining teeth, and boosting your enjoyment of all that life has to offer.

The European Denture Center Advance Comfort Experience

Why Choose European Denture Center?

If you are in need of affordable, high-quality denture implants in Boise, ID or dentures/denture implants in Nampa/Caldwell/Everette, European Denture Center is your premier option. Our implant-retained and implant-supported denture solutions are customized to address your unique dental needs and improve your dental health.

Why put up with mediocre tooth replacement options when your can have dentures that feel and function like your natural teeth? Contact us today to see how denture implants can change your life!

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