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How Much Does Denture Repair Cost?

Broken dentures are a hassle because they always seem to happen at the most inopportune moment. Thankfully, when a denture breaks or a tooth pops out of your denture, you do have a number of options available for repairs. Since there are a variety of factors involved in determining broken denture repair costs, we will discuss national averages for simple denture repair procedures. Depending on how your denture is broken, you may find denture repair costs to be higher or lower than those mentioned in this article.

How Much Will a Broken Denture Repair Cost Me?

Denture Repair Options

Mail-in denture repair services allow you to have your denture repaired without a trip to the dental office. These services make denture repair convenient and affordable, with denture repair costs ranging from $85 to $120 for a simple repair. Most of these services provide free shipping both ways at no additional charge. Keep in mind that complex repairs and procedures requiring you to be physically present for an impression are beyond the scope of what a remote repair service is equipped to handle.

Many cities and suburban areas have denture clinics with a laboratory that allows your denture to be repaired on-site, often within the same day. Broken denture repair costs at these facilities vary depending upon the complexity of the breakage. For a clean break, the cost averages from $110 to $190. The cost may be more based upon how complicated the denture is to repair. If your denture is broken into multiple pieces or you have a broken partial, many times, an impression or additional services are necessary to properly fix the appliance.

You also have the option of visiting a general dental office. This is usually the most expensive choice. The average denture repair cost at a dental office ranges from $120 to $200 or more. Since most offices rely on an outside laboratory, they may need to keep your denture overnight. In some cases, it may be possible to get the denture repaired within the same day, depending on the time of day, the workflow, and the proximity of the office to the dental lab. It never hurts to ask.

Other Repair Services

Denture Relines

Loose dentures are generally caused by normal, gradual changes in the bone and tissue that support your dentures. Many times, the fit of loose dentures can be improved with a reline. A reline is a procedure that allows new base material to be selectively added to the inside of your dentures in order to take up the space created by shrinkage. The procedure helps improve the fit of your dentures while retaining the look that you are accustomed to. If your denture no longer fits as well as it once did, especially If you need to use more and more denture adhesive, a reline may be the solution.

Depending on your specific needs, there are different types of reline materials and processing methods available. It is possible to keep the cost of relining your denture affordable, helping you to lead a more comfortable life while maintaining your budget. Based upon your unique situation, the cost to reline a single denture can range from $250-$500. Because the procedure requires the denturist or dentist to take an impression of your mouth inside of your existing denture in order to capture the changes that have taken place since the denture was originally made, a reline cannot be performed remotely using a mail-in service. Often, the fit of your denture can be dramatically improved by a reline within one or two business days.

Denture Adjustments

Denture adjustments relieve sore spots caused by the denture rubbing the gum tissue. Adjustments can also improve the bite and allow the denture to hit more evenly and uniformly. Sometimes a simple adjustment can make all the difference in your comfort and your ability to chew.

On average, the cost to adjust dentures ranges from $40 to $100, depending on the complexity and the time required to make a noticeable improvement in your dentures. That being said, many dental professionals will adjust dentures as a courtesy if the issue can be resolved quickly. Because the denturist must identify the problem visually and relieve the denture accordingly, there is no way to reliably use a mail-in service for adjustments. An office visit to your local dentist is required.

Denture Repair Services with Price and Convenience in Mind

Whether you are in need of denture repair, a reline, or an adjustment, European Denture Center has you covered. Use our convenient national rapid repair mail-in service for simple denture repairs with a quick turnaround from the comfort of your own home. Or schedule a visit with our denturists at one of our four ultra-modern clinics located in the Pacific Northwest. Either way, you’ll have the expertise of European Denture’s exclusive laboratory partner, ensuring that your denture is returned to you like new.

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