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What is the Strongest Denture Adhesive on the Market?

Here are the 8 strongest adhesives:

  1. Zinc-Free: Super Poligrip Free Denture Adhesive Cream is a zinc-free option providing a long-lasting hold without artificial flavors, dyes, or zinc, ideal for health-conscious users.
  2. Powders: Fixodent Extra Hold denture adhesive powder offers an all-day hold for both full and partial dentures, preventing slips and food particles underneath.
  3. For Lower Dentures: Fixodent Complete Original Denture Cream, a zinc-free product, ensures a superior hold with its narrow applicator for lower dentures.
  4. For Upper Dentures: Ezo Denture Cushions help secure loose upper dentures by filling space and improving suction, and can be trimmed for a custom fit.
  5. Natural Options: BioForce and NaturDent provide organic, natural adhesives made from ingredients like glycerin and pine resins, catering to those seeking alternatives to synthetic materials.
  6. For Soft Liners: Cushion Grip serves as both an adhesive and a temporary soft liner, ideal for cushioning and adapting to gums, especially in between professional fittings.
  7. For Partial Dentures: Partial dentures benefit from a light layer of adhesive powder for additional security, with Fixodent Extra Hold recommended for its effectiveness.
  8. Overall Best: Secure Waterproof Denture Adhesive by Dentex stands out as the best overall adhesive with its zinc-free, flavor-free formula offering up to 12 hours of hold, unique for its water-resistant properties.

Denture adhesive powder, denture adhesive paste, denture adhesive cream – so many choices. How do you decide?

The subject of denture adhesives is a touchy subject. Dentists understand that a properly-made denture will fit well without the use of any adhesives at all. Some patients feel more comfortable in social settings with a light layer of denture adhesive powder applied to their dentures. However, something is definitely wrong should it become necessary to use a massive amount of denture adhesive to hold a denture in place.

More adhesive does not equate to a stronger hold. A denture that won’t stay in place with a very small amount of adhesive doesn’t fit correctly and needs to be replaced.

When I am asked to name the strongest denture adhesive, my answer is, “It depends on the situation.” What works well for one person doesn’t always work equally well for someone else. My suggestion is to start with a very light layer of powdered adhesive and see if that solves the security issue.

The 8 Strongest Denture Adhesives for Everyone

Zinc-Free Denture Adhesives

Let’s discuss a little history on how denture adhesive without zinc became a thing. A number of years ago, denture adhesive manufacturers were being sued because their products had been linked to making people sick and causing permanent nerve damage.

Manufacturers of denture adhesives originally added zinc oxide to their products to improve adhesion. When denture adhesives are applied correctly, and according to the directions, the amount of zinc present is very safe for use

Some patients experienced zinc toxicity due to using massive quantities of adhesives for years instead of having new dentures made that fit correctly. Many patients fail to realize that their gums and bone structure will naturally change with time. One denture was never designed to be worn for the rest of your life.

Enter zinc-free denture adhesives. Zinc-free adhesive formulas were offered as a safer alternative for denture wearers. In reality, creating the best denture adhesives without zinc helped avoid litigation should patients continue to over-apply the product.

The best denture adhesive without zinc is Super Poligrip Free Denture Adhesive Cream. It provides a secure long-lasting hold that keeps out food particles while assuring that your health is not compromised. Super Poligrip Free is completely free from artificial flavors, dyes, and zinc.


Fixodent Extra Hold denture adhesive powder is a great choice for all-day hold. This denture adhesive powder keeps dentures from slipping while preventing food from getting under your denture. The product is versatile and works well for full dentures as well as partial dentures.

For Lower Dentures

The best denture adhesive for lower dentures helps to secure your dentures in place without oozing. Fixodent Complete Original Denture Cream is one of the best denture adhesives for lower dentures available. It has a narrow applicator that is good for precise dispensing into three distinct areas for a superior, long-lasting hold. This product also has the added benefit of being zinc-free.

For Upper Dentures

Well-fitting upper dentures are held in place with suction. If your upper denture has become loose, there is space allowing air and liquids to get under the denture, breaking the seal. One adhesive product that will take up excess space is Ezo Denture Cushions. Ezo Cushions are also embedded with an adhesive that helps improve security. The cushions can be customized with scissors to fit most dentures.


If you are looking for natural denture adhesives or organic denture adhesives that do not contain petrochemicals, artificial colors, scents, flavors, preservatives, zinc or other harmful materials found in synthetic adhesives, BioForce and NaturDent are two denture adhesives that fill this niche market. Some of the ingredients used to create their adhesive properties include glycerin, pine resins, and natural gums. Expect to pay a premium price for natural or organic products.

For Soft Liners

The best denture adhesive for a soft liner is no adhesive at all. Soft liners are designed to make the denture adapt to your gums’ exact shape while remaining cushiony. Soft liners are ideal for patients with very sore gums, especially if the gums are very resorbed or almost non-existent.

Using adhesives in combination with a soft liner is a recipe for a mess. It is also impossible to completely remove the denture adhesive from the soft liner without ruining the soft liner itself. If it is necessary to use denture adhesive on a denture that has been relined with a soft liner, it is time for a new soft liner.

If you are looking for a temporary solution before relining your denture with a soft liner, the best denture adhesive for a soft liner is actually a combination product that acts both as the adhesive and the temporary soft liner.

Cushion Grip is a long-lasting thermoplastic denture adhesive with soft liner properties all in one. The material takes up excess space and adapts to your gums while providing the security of adhesive. If you use care while cleaning the denture, the material can be expected to last for up to four days before it requires replacement. A well-applied layer of Cushion Grip can be a short-term lifesaver when your dentures are rubbing sores on your gums. Be sure to see your dentist at your earliest possible convenience for a more permanent solution.

For Partial Dentures

Because of the unique tooth-supported design of partial dentures, properly adjusted partials rarely require adhesives. If the partial is still a little loose, the best denture adhesive for partials is a light layer of denture adhesive powder. Fixodent Extra Hold is one of the best denture adhesives for partials.

Overall Best Denture Adhesive

With so many denture adhesives on the market, the best overall adhesive is a subjective choice. Secure Waterproof Denture Adhesive by Dentex is both zinc-free and flavor-free, and it can deliver up to 12 hours of holding power. It is not like other adhesives because it is not water-soluble. You don’t have to worry about adhesive particles dissolving and oozing out throughout the day.

Adhesives Don’t Have to Be Part of Your Reality

Denture adhesives are a temporary method to secure your dentures in place for social situations. But adhesives are not a substitute for well-fitting dentures.

Well-made dentures can allow you to enjoy life in a way that is not possible if you rely on denture adhesives to get you through the day. If this is you, it is time to trust the clinicians and staff at European Denture Centers. With advanced techniques and approaches to tooth replacement, they can open a world of comfort and confidence that you never thought possible!