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Answering: Can Worn Down Dentures Be Repaired?

Are denture repairs an option to address worn-down dentures? It depends on how the denture became worn and the current condition of the denture.

In this article, we will discuss worn-down dentures, the reasons that dentures become worn, and whether worn-down dentures can be effectively repaired.

Can Worn Down Dentures Be Repaired?

Denture repairs are a great solution to address damaged or broken dentures. Dentures that have suffered minor breaks, cracks, or missing teeth can often be restored to like-new condition by a highly skilled denture professional.

While most denture repairs will solve a variety of problems, they will not restore severely worn dentures to their original appearance and fit. Once a denture suffers attrition over time, it is impossible to increase the height of the teeth and put back what has been lost through wear with a repair.

If someone asks, “Can worn down dentures be repaired?” the answer is within reason and only if the issue is addressed in the early stages of wear. Otherwise, the solution involves making new dentures to fit the current state of the dental arches.

Denture Wear and Tear

What causes dentures to become worn down? Denture wear can be subdivided into two categories: unavoidable wear that occurs naturally with time and avoidable wear caused by improper care or abuse. Wear caused by abrasives or products not specifically designed for denture care can cause them to look dull or prematurely old and worn, weaken the resin, affect their fit and comfort, and shorten the life of dentures.

Naturally occurring wear is unavoidable, as any dental prosthesis will show signs of wear after a number of years of service. But if your denture looks worn out after only a short time of normal use, there could be issues with the construction of the dentures themselves. Economically priced dentures are usually less durable and wear out faster because they are typically made from lower-quality materials that have a much shorter life span.

However, even dentures made from premium resins designed to last five to ten years or more will wear out prematurely if they slide or move during use or have an unbalanced bite that causes the jaw to shift while chewing. 

Effects of Worn-Down Dentures

Dentures that have suffered considerable wear no longer provide support for the lips and facial muscles. This causes the denture wearer to take on a sunken or collapsed appearance. As a result, the wearer may begin to experience symptoms that have never happened before, including biting the insides of the cheeks while chewing or chapping of the corners of the mouth that can’t be resolved by using topical emollients. If your denture teeth are worn, you may have difficulty chewing and adequately breaking down food, leading to digestive issues. 

In addition, worn-down dentures are difficult to keep clean and fresh because germs become trapped in the minor pits and defects that have developed within the acrylic. Not only do worn dentures look bad, but the bacteria that they harbor can also contribute to bad breath and even respiratory illness.

Tips for Denture Upkeep

While normal denture wear is a naturally occurring phenomenon and, to a certain extent, unavoidable, there are things that you can do to minimize its effects and extend the life of your dentures.

Denture Upkeep: Tip #1

The first tip is to realize that dentures are not the same as natural teeth and must be cared for differently. Toothpaste designed to clean and whiten natural teeth contains abrasives that will ruin the look of dentures and flatten surfaces over time, causing the denture teeth to develop pits that trap bacteria which makes dentures appear dull and less lifelike.

In addition, toothpaste meant for use on natural teeth will wear and dull the cutting surfaces of denture teeth which reduces chewing effectiveness. To prevent dentures from drying out and becoming brittle, always store dentures submerged in clean, cool water within a sealed container when they are not in your mouth.

Denture Upkeep: Tip #2

The second tip involves seeing a dentist or denturist regularly, at least once per year, so that premature wear may be addressed before it becomes an issue. Your dental professional may recommend a denture reline to improve the fit of your dentures, an adjustment to refine the bite, or a repair to address minor flaws in the denture material itself. All of these are designed to improve comfort and extend the life of your dentures, saving you time and money in the long run.

Denture Upkeep: Tip #3

Tip three involves home remedies. With the ease of looking things up on the internet, people are tempted to adjust their own dentures, perform their own repairs, or use some miracle cleaning method seen on YouTube that will ultimately cause damage to dentures. Aside from daily brushing and effective home care as directed by your denturist, leave more complex denture issues to a dental professional who has the expertise and equipment to properly repair and care for your denture.

Common Denture Repairs

Dentures break for a variety of reasons, such as when a denture is inadvertently dropped or damaged. Minor breaks or cracks in the denture base or teeth that have popped out don’t have to be a crisis. They can be solved within the same day at a nearby denture clinic, such as the repair services offered by European Denture Center.

Same-day repairs save you the embarrassment of going without your dentures for an extended period of time. In addition, if your dentures don’t fit as securely as they once did, in many instances, they can be relined within the same day. The denture repair process doesn’t have to be overly complicated or take multiple days to complete.

While repairs and relines are effective solutions, they don’t solve every denture issue. There are situations where a new denture is necessary to improve your quality of life. Can worn-down dentures be repaired? Probably not unless the wear is minimal. If your denture is several years old and shows signs of extensive wear, your time and resources are better spent on a new denture. Your dental professional will advise you accordingly.

European Denture Center Repair and Reline

Why put up with a broken denture or one that isn’t functioning properly? European Denture Center can repair broken or cracked dentures to nearly-new condition, often within the same day.

Our team will assess your denture dilemma and offer our best solution. Remember that only some dentures are worth repairing or can be effectively repaired. When a repair is not advisable or warranted, our denture experts will direct you to the next best denture replacement to address your every concern!