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How Much Do Implants for Dentures Cost?

By David Hudnall, DMD

Tooth loss is a worrisome condition, but denture implants could be the best possible solution for replacing your missing teeth. Dentures improve your smile, support your facial features, and help you to talk and eat comfortably. Dentures also restore the mouth’s function; therefore, they are a popular and affordable option for many people with missing teeth.

Missing teeth among Americans is a serious concern. A recent epidemiological study from the American College of Prosthodontists shows that “the most common reasons for losing a tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth is dental decay (cavities), gum and bone disease or trauma. 15-20% of adults (33-44 years old) have some form of gum disease. 30% of adults 65-74 years of age have no natural teeth.”

Luckily, many different types of dentures are available, each serving a different purpose and cost.

Factors Affecting Denture Cost

Since various factors determine the overall cost of dentures and implant surgery, it is difficult to pinpoint the average cost of implants for dentures. What we can do is speak about the factors that affect cost. This allows you to ask the best questions when you speak with your dental professional.

Every denture must be customized to meet the individual requirements of the patient. Many options are available depending on the patient’s needs and unique situation; therefore, denture cost varies from person to person. Here are some of the most common factors which impact the cost of dentures:

Denture Material

You may be surprised to learn that there are different materials from which dentures are made. The quality of the materials used impacts the cost of dentures – generally, better material quality equates to a higher price.

Denturists recommend using the best quality materials for dentures because they provide long-lasting results and don’t release harmful chemicals during wear. Buying dentures made from cheaper materials can lead to oral problems that could be expensive in the long run, requiring frequent adjustments, repairs, or replacement dentures.

Complete Tooth Replacement Vs. Multiple Replacements

Are you searching for complete tooth replacement or looking to replace a few teeth? The cost of your dentures will depend upon the number of teeth you need to replace. Complete dentures to replace all missing teeth in a single arch garner a different price range than a partial denture designed to replace only a few teeth.

Fabrication and Design

Denture treatment expenses depend significantly on the design and fabrication of the replacement teeth. The best dentures will include a precise fit and a natural appearance, which is possible by using computer-aided technology to capture impressions of your mouth and position the denture teeth to exact specifications.

The Way of Securing the Dentures

Many patients use denture adhesives to help hold their dentures in place. This is a traditional and cost-effective approach, although the cost of purchasing denture adhesive does add up with time. In addition, prolonged daily use of denture adhesives is known to lead to negative health consequences.

Patients who demand improved retention and comfort often opt for implant-supported dentures. These dentures cost more than traditional dentures because the treatment involves a surgical procedure and specialized attachments to secure the dentures into place. But the results can be life-changing. Implant-supported dentures are the closest thing to having your natural teeth once again.

Preparatory Work

Many patients require preparatory work before getting dentures or partial dentures. The dentist will examine your mouth and gums and create a personalized treatment plan for dentures. In addition, some patients may need periodontal therapy, tooth extractions, or bone preparation before getting a denture, so additional treatments add to the overall cost of treatment.

Implants for Dentures Average Cost

The average implant supported dentures cost varies depending on several factors, including the patient’s current health status, patient anatomy, and the need for additional treatment such as bone grafting for implant stability. If the patient has a dental insurance policy, it may be possible to save 20%-30% on the total cost of treatment.

If you have concerns about denture cost or the cost of the entire treatment plan, ask your dentist for alternative treatment solutions. Depending on individual goals, there is no single path to achieving a suitable treatment outcome. A second opinion from another dentist or denturist will also help you find the best option for your specific treatment needs.

Types of Dentures

At European Denture Center, you’ll find highly-trained, qualified dental professionals who guide patients through finding the most suitable dentures and implant supported dentures. The average cost of a single denture at European Dentures ranges from $895 to $2,095 or more. While that is a wide range, the final price depends upon denture type, the quality of materials used, and the patient’s individual needs.

Here are some of the most common denture varieties:

Denture Implants

Traditional dental implants are best for patients who have no remaining natural teeth. Dentists secure the complete denture with the help of implants placed within the jaw bone. For this to work, the patient’s oral health must be suitable to undergo the implant supported dentures procedure safely. Because the entire treatment process can take months for the implants to fuse with the bone grafts fully, a temporary denture will be used during the healing phase of treatment. Once integration is complete, and the implants are stable, new dentures can be made that are secured by the dental implants.

The cost of implant dentures begins at $2,095 per arch. This cost can be higher depending on the quality of the denture and a number of other factors.

Check out the varying cost of implant supported dentures. You can also compare features and learn more about the characteristics of each implant denture:

  • An implant overdenture ranges from $2,895 – $3,500 per arch
  • All-on-4 or All-on-6 removable implant retained dentures range from $3,500 – $4,500 per arch
  • All-on-4 fixed bridgework starts at $8,995 per arch

Full Dentures

As the name implies, full dentures replace all teeth in a single arch. Expert professional denturists can help you select the best dentures to meet all of your requirements. Many elderly patients prefer these conventional dentures. As with any artificial appliance, full dentures require follow-up care and regular maintenance to maintain function and keep them performing optimally.

Check out the different types of full dentures and the price range for each:

  • Implant Dentures start at $2,095 per arch
  • Digital Dentures range from $895 to $1,985 per arch
  • Signature Dentures begin at $1,895 per arch
  • Premium Dentures start at $1,495 per arch
  • Essential Dentures start at $895 per arch

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are temporary replacements for patients who have severely decayed or broken teeth that require immediate attention. Patients receive immediate dentures on the same day their natural teeth are removed after the preparatory procedures. They continue to use them for 4 to 6 months or until the bone and gum tissues have healed. Immediate dentures are not intended for long-term use and must be replaced with better-quality dentures within the first year following extractions.

Immediate dentures range from $498 to $1900, depending upon individual needs. Because every patient is different, the cost of dental extractions and other necessary surgical procedures is not included in the price of the dentures.

Partial Dentures

This denture category is designed for patients with one or a few teeth missing. They are removable and come with a denture base that resembles the appearance of the teeth and gum tissue that they will replace. Partial dentures may be made totally from acrylic, have a metal framework for improved strength and stability, or may be made from a flexible denture base material. Each type of partial has its own unique advantages and uses. A denturist will discuss which type of partial best addresses your individual needs.

Partial dentures are available in the range of $895 to $1,895. Adjusting to your new partial denture takes time and may require a few dental office visits to maximize your comfort.

Let’s check out the different styles of partial dentures available:

  • Valplast Partial Dentures start from $1,495 per arch
  • Acetal Resin Partial Dentures range from $1,695 to $1,895 per arch
  • Titanium Partial Dentures start from $1,695 per arch
  • Cast Metal Partial Dentures start from $1,495 per arch
  • Hybrid Metal Partial Denture with Flexible Elements begins at $1,895 per arch
  • Acrylic Partial Dentures start from $895 per arch

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