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The Full Guide to Magnetic Dentures

Implant-stabilized dentures have the ability to improve the quality of life for any denture wearer. After all, who would choose to put up with dentures that are unstable and move around when there are better solutions at your disposal? 

Magnetic Dentures: The Basics

Magnetic dentures are a special type of implant overdentures that utilize magnets at the junction of the implant with the overdenture to secure the denture into place. Usually, there are two or more implants employing the same magnetic system for a single denture.

The connection consists of two magnets of opposing poles: a one-piece magnetic implant abutment screwed directly onto the dental implant and a magnet polymerized within the removable denture base. The magic happens when the magnets come into contact with one another, causing the denture to become secure.

The Procedure

Much like all implant-supported dentures, titanium dental implants are surgically placed within the jawbone in selected locations and allowed to integrate with the bone for four to six months before a final denture is created that contains the special attachments that connect the removable denture to the implants. 

The difference is that magnetic dentures utilize magnetized denture abutments screwed to the top of the implants that align with oppositely-charged magnets within the base of the denture. These magnetic forces allow the denture to lock into the correct position with every insertion. 

Who Can Get Magnetic Dentures?

Anyone who wears implant-supported dentures can be a candidate for magnetic dentures. Dentures with magnetic attachments are especially beneficial for elderly patients with poor eyesight, for those who have problems with dexterity, or for patients with health issues such as arthritis who have difficulty overcoming the friction associated with standard mechanical-type locator attachments to remove their dentures for cleaning.


Magnetic denture attachments offer a number of advantages over traditional stabilization methods.

But don’t insist on using this method until you understand the pros and the cons. A qualified implant dentist will discuss the results that you can expect with the various denture stabilization technologies at your disposal. First, let’s mention some of the benefits that magnetic dentures offer.

Easy to Clean

Because there are no housings or abutment attachments with exposed nooks and crannies to collect debris, daily denture cleaning is managed using only liquid soap and water placed on a denture brush. In addition to brushing, magnetic dentures may be soaked to improve freshness in an effervescent denture cleanser that is specifically designed for use with metal partial dentures.  

No Parts to Wear Out

Since there are no rubber rings or flexible attachments located within the denture base, there are no parts to wear out over time, saving on maintenance costs.

Ease of Insertion

Most implant dentures utilize locator attachments to secure the denture to the implant. These sometimes become a place where fine particles of debris hide, making the denture not line up or snap into place correctly. The self-aligning feature of magnetic implant dentures allows them to slide into their correct orientation and position every time. 


Along with the many benefits that magnetic dentures offer, no denture attachment system is perfect. Therefore, we must mention some of the things that are important to consider before making a final decision.

Surgical Intervention

Implant placement can truly be life-changing. While better denture stability, added comfort, and improved nutrition are big benefits to many elderly denture wearers, not every patient is an appropriate candidate for dental implant placement surgery. Certain health issues that result in altered or slowed healing, such as uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled high blood pressure, or autoimmune diseases, can preclude some patients from undergoing implant placement. Your dentist will review your health history carefully before committing to performing any dental surgery.

Inadequate Bone Density

Some patients, particularly those who have worn dentures for decades, may no longer possess adequate bone height or width to place dental implants securely within a stable jawbone. There are bone grafting solutions available which, unfortunately, can add to the time involved and the total cost of treatment. For those patients with adequate bone levels in the right locations, it may be possible to stabilize your denture using mini-dental implants. 

Your dental professional will assess the topography of your mouth using 3D-imaging and will discuss the best implant stabilization solutions to address your specific situation.

Metal Components

Although most magnetic denture systems have magnetized metal enclosed within a capsule, some systems do contain trace amounts of nickel that can cause a tissue reaction for certain patients. Some magnets are enclosed within a stainless-steel body or are coated with an inert ceramic material to limit nickel exposure and improve the resistance to abrasion and corrosion. 

Discuss any metal sensitivities that you may have experienced in the past with your implant dentist. Usually, your dental professional can select alternative materials to address these issues.

Magnetic Dentures That Can Make a Difference

Whether you currently wear dentures or dentures are in your future, the dental professionals at European Denture Center have the best solutions for you. Everyone’s mouth and everyone’s needs are different; that’s why it is impossible to give you a price for magnetic dentures and many other treatment options over the telephone. 

But we make it easy for you by offering convenient locations and competitive pricing that will have you smiling again with confidence. Why delay improving your dental health? Set up your consultation appointment with our caring denturists today!

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