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You deserve a beautiful, healthy smile. Fixed denture implants may be your best solution. European Denture Center offers affordable permanent dentures options to help you restore your smile with long-lasting results. A snap-in overdenture can help you chew better, speak more naturally, and boost your confidence.

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Compare the Features and Characteristics of Each Implant Denture

Group 484

Implant Overdenture

Removable Bridge all on 4 or on 6 1

Removable Bridge
all-on-4 or on-6

Group 483

Fixed all-on-4

Starts from$2,095 - $2,895
per arch
Starts from $3,500 - $4,500
per arch
Starts from $8,995
per arch
Aesthetics Great Excellent Excellent
  Stability & Fit
Stability & Fit Great Excellent Excellent
Lightweight Good Excellent Excellent
Chewability Great Excellent Excellent
  Slip resistant
Slip resistant Great Excellent - Great Excellent
  Clean/Hygiene Friendly
Clean/Hygiene Friendly Great Excellent Moderate
  Maintenance Friendly
Maintenance Friendly Excellent Excellent Moderate
  Break resistant
Break resistant Great Excellent Great
  Free adjustment and deep cleaning
Free adjustment and deep cleaning 3 years 5 years 2 years
Warranty 5 years 7 years 7 years

*This price does not include surgical placement implants and abutments
*Relining is extra and is not part of the free adjustments

We Offer Two Types of Denture Implants

European Denture Center offers two types of implant-supported dentures services at competitive prices.

snap in denture implants

Zest Locator® Snap-On Dentures

The Zest Locator® systems work well for many denture wearers. Your denture fastens (or “snaps” in) over two or four implants and can be easily removed for cleaning. If you’re worried about snap-in denture cost, rest easy knowing that European Denture Center works with you to find the best, most affordable denture implant cost through our denture lab.

all on four denture implants

All-On-4 Dental Implants

Using this technique, our denture implant specialists will replace all your natural teeth with a removable denture that attaches to unique All-On-4™ dental implants. The cost of All-On-4 can vary but is very reasonable, especially when crafted by our own European Denture Center denture lab.

What is an Implant-Supported Denture?

An implant-supported denture is a unique type of permanent denture that is attached to dental implants in your mouth instead of floating on your gums like a regular denture. This creates a secure denture that allows you to chew, smile, and speak without using adhesives or worrying about the denture slipping.

How Do Implant-Supported Dentures Function?

If you do not have any natural teeth, but have a sufficient healthy jawbone to support the implants safely, an implant-supported denture is commonly used. Special attachments snap onto the implant base to give a secure fit. These dentures are usually developed for the lower jaw because upper dentures generally do not require the implants’ extra support. However, implant-retained dentures can be made for either upper or lower jaws if necessary.

Change Your Life With Implant Retained Dentures

There’s no need to compromise. Enjoy what you want to eat with the help of your implant-supported dentures. Smile and laugh without worrying about dentures that may slip. Be confident in social settings and at work. And do it all at an affordable price that doesn’t break the bank. Permanent denture implants may be your answer to boosting your health and improving your enjoyment of all life has to offer.

Compare the Features and Characteristics of Each Denture

implant denture

Implant Denture

digital denture

Digital Denture

Group 173@2x

Signature Denture

Group 173@2x

Premium Denture

Group 176

Essential Denture

Starts from$2,095
per arch
Starts from $895-$1985
per arch
Starts from $1,695
per arch
Starts from $1,295
per arch
Starts from $695
per arch
Slip Resistant
Slip Resistant Excellent! Excellent - Great Great - Good Good Normal
  Precise fit and stability
Precise fit and stability Excellent! Excellent - Great Great - Good Good Normal
  Advance Comfort
Advance Comfort Excellent! Great Great Good Normal
  Fewer sore spots
Chewability Excellent! Great Great Good Moderate
  Post Adjustments
Post Adjustments Least Very Few Very Few Few Moderate
  Preserves Jaw Bone
Preserves Jaw Bone Excellent! Great Great Great Good
  Bio-compatible materials
Bio-compatible materials Excellent - Great Excellent! Great Great Good
  Extra strength Lightweight Acrylic
Extra strength Lightweight Acrylic Yes Yes Yes Yes ~
  Stain resistant
Stain resistant Excellent! Great Excellent Great Good
  Oder resistant
Odor resistant Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Great Good
  Tooth Shades
Tooth Shades 16 8 - 12 16 12 8
  Custom Tooth Shape
Custom Tooth Shape Yes Yes Yes Custom pre-made No
  Life-like Appearance
Life-like Appearance Excellent! Good - Excellent! Excellent! Great Good
Warranty 7 Years 7 Years 5 Years 3 Years 1 Year
  Free Adjustments & Cleaning
Free Adjustments & Cleaning 3 Years 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year 6 months
  View All Options View All Options    

Why Choose European Denture Center?

If you need affordable, high-quality implant-supported dentures in Idaho or Washington, then European Dentures is your perfect option. Our implant-supported denture solutions are customized to suit your unique dental needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel more confident – Fixed dentures look great and feel great, and they’re more like natural teeth in many regards.

Stable during eating – With multiple secure points of attachment, fixed implants are permanent dentures that are stable in your mouth, allowing you to eat your favorite foods.

Preserve bone and gum – Implanted and supported by your jaw bone, implant-retained dentures help preserve the natural appearance and structure of your jaw.

Better dental hygiene – Implant-retained dentures, sometimes referred to as overdentures, are easy to clean and maintain.

Improved aesthetics – Implant-retained dentures look more natural and are customized to each patient’s face and smile.

Nutritional benefits – Dental implant dentures allow you to eat foods that support a well-rounded, healthy diet.

Crafted in our partner dental lab – Our dental implant laboratory is certified with top implant manufacturers. Trust your implant case to the experts at European Denture Center.

Dental implant dentures offer a cost-effective and permanent solution to replace missing teeth. Your denture implant specialist will determine your denture implants price based on many factors that are unique to you. These factors include the required number of implants to support your dentures, the status of your existing teeth and gums, and the type of fixed dentures that will work best for you. The cost of implant-supported can vary widely. However, since European Denture Center has its own denture lab, we’re able to keep full denture implant costs to the absolute minimum. To schedule a complimentary in-depth analysis of your dental health, fill out our online form, or give us a call at 208-584-5433. You can also stop by one of our four locations in Boise, Idaho; Caldwell, Idaho; Ontario, Oregon; or Everett, Washington.

If you’ve lost some or all your natural teeth, it may not only be your smile that’s affected but your overall health as well. Patients lose the ability to eat many of their favorite foods and may notice difficulties in speaking clearly. Some people may feel embarrassed and stop smiling altogether. A more serious effect may be the shifting of your remaining teeth, which creates discomfort inside the mouth and jaw and may even result in muscular issues, headaches, and other health problems. Traditional dentures help patients restore their smiles and an adequate level of chewing, but often they can pose challenges for some patients.

With two locations in Idaho, one in Oregon, and one in Washington, European Denture Center offers a variety of implant denture solutions that will help you achieve the comfort and relief you have been seeking. Full denture implants are secure, have a natural look, and are simply more comfortable and convenient than traditional dentures. Let our friendly team of dental professionals help you choose the right type of implant denture for your unique dental needs. Call our Advance Comfort specialist at 866-428-0505 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation now!

Your best option may be a Zest Locator® attached denture.

A Zest Locator® attached denture is an excellent implant-retained option to replace lower teeth. This budget-friendly denture system utilizes as few as two dental implants as fasteners for the denture. The lower dentures snap into the anchor points, reducing denture shifts and allowing the denture to function more like natural teeth. To minimize soreness and shifting, consult our team of denture dentists and denturists to help properly fit your dentures and provide any adjustments that may be necessary over time. The Zest Locator® is a removable denture implant system that makes it simple to keep your dentures clean from food debris, relieve discomfort, and improve your overall health.

The bones in the upper jaw are different from that in the lower jaw. Patients needing a complete set of upper dentures have a variety of great solutions. To increase comfort, dentures can sometimes be made where the roof of the mouth is not covered. This gives patients a more natural experience when they eat and speak. Similar to lower dentures, upper implant dentures are less likely to shift and are removable for cleaning or maintenance. A trusted team of our dental professionals will help you find the best solution and custom fit for your upper denture, keeping the permanent denture cost affordable for any budget.

This procedure was developed to support patients who are missing all their teeth. It is designed to avoid time-consuming bone graft surgery by utilizing the least number of implants possible. Before, the implant placement involved bone grafting, the placement of many implants, and eighteen months of healing. This made the procedure complicated and cost-prohibitive for most patients.

Currently, the All-On-Four™ technique uses the existing bone structure along with 3-D virtual technology to determine the ideal implant placement position. It is an easy and affordable procedure that allows implants to usually be placed in a single dental appointment.

After placement, the implants require six months to become fused to the jaw bone. The denturist will then take impressions and prepare a set of dentures that will securely fasten to the implants.

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