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Smiling with Dentures: How to be Confident with Dentures

Dentures are a comfortable removable tooth replacement option. While they restore the form and function of your natural teeth, dentures can also help improve your confidence when smiling. It is normal for you to need time to get used to dentures before becoming confident while wearing them. Until then, you might feel a little hesitant to smile with your dentures, wondering if others will notice your new teeth or if they will slip while talking. These are common concerns with first-time denture wearers.

But it is possible to overcome the hesitance that you may feel when smiling with dentures with time, patience, and practice.

How to Smile with Dentures

Are you considering getting new dentures but are unsure that you’ll be able to smile with them naturally? Here are some tips that will help you to smile with confidence:

1. Get the Right Fit

Dentures must sit over your gums correctly so that they will look natural, giving you the smile that you always wanted. If the dentures fit poorly, you won’t be able to talk and smile with ease.

Even well-fitting dentures can become loose and ill-fitting with age. Over time, your bone and gum tissue shrink which can lead to jaw misalignment problems that cause dentures to not fit properly. If your dentures no longer feel like they fit as well as they once did, visit your denturist for adjustments or replacement dentures.

2. Clean Your Dentures Daily

Like natural teeth, dentures must be cleaned and cared for daily to remove plaque and lingering food particles. Allowing debris to collect on dentures will cause stains and tartar to build up which impacts your smile. Be especially mindful of this if you smoke or consume foods that easily stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, or blueberries.

Clean your dentures daily with a soft-bristled denture brush to keep them looking their best. This will help you have a bright, beautiful smile for years to come.

3. Secure Them in Place

First-time denture wearers may worry that their dentures will slip or shift, making them feel insecure during social events where smiling with dentures is of paramount importance. This feeling will subside once your muscles become accustomed to holding dentures in place and as you feel more confident while wearing them.

You may also want to use a small amount of denture adhesive to help secure your dentures in place. This will act as an extra insurance policy to help you smile with confidence and prevent slipping and shifting.

4. Choose the Right Shade

If you have ordered a custom denture, choose the shade that most closely resembles your natural tooth color. Denture teeth that are extremely white actually appear to look more unnatural than teeth that blend more closely with your skin tone. Making this choice will allow you to smile and look your very best while avoiding the ‘false teeth’ look that everyone hates.

5. Don’t Let Your Dentures Dry Out

If your dentures are allowed to dry out for an extended period of time, they could warp and lose their shape. Smiling with misshapen dentures can affect their fit and their natural look. Broken or warped dentures can also adversely impact your dental health. Always store dentures submerged in water when not wearing them.

Storing dentures in water will help keep your dentures moist while retaining their shape so that you’ll be able to smile with confidence. When handling dentures, work over several thicknesses of a folded towel or a basin filled with water. That way, should you drop your dentures, the towel or water will cushion their fall and they will be less likely to break.

Problems When Smiling with Dentures

Some common problems that you might face with dentures include:

1. “I Don’t Like My Smile with Dentures”

This could be a problem for either first-time denture wearers or for those wearing loose or worn-out dentures. When wearing new dentures, you might feel that your dentures are too big or that your lips are being pushed forward, making it difficult to smile naturally.  This “full-mouth” feeling is common when you first get new dentures and will subside once you become accustomed to wearing them.

Loose or worn-out dentures can make your smile look unnatural while causing other problems like inflammation, sore spots, pain, or a burning sensation. If you experience any of these issues, it is time for new dentures. Dentures aren’t meant to last forever. Well-fitting, custom-made dentures that match the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth help you look radiant and beautiful while smiling with dentures.

2. My Smile Is Slanted

Improperly fitted dentures and general wear can cause dentures to appear slanted or crooked in your mouth, causing people to notice your smile – and not in a good way. If your smile looks lopsided or slanted, it’s time for new dentures. It’s important to have symmetrical, well-fitting dentures in order to exude a radiant smile and to be able to chew comfortably.

3. My Smile Looks Generic

Not all dentures are created equally. Economical dentures that are made using a “one look for all” approach can give you a generic smile that might look totally unlike yourself and make people wonder if you are wearing someone else’s teeth. It’s best to spend a little more money to have dentures that are customized specifically for you. After all, new dentures are an investment in your better health and are designed to last for at least five years. When you average the additional cost of customized dentures over their lifespan, better quality dentures cost only pennies more per day.

Denture Smiling FAQs

Can You Smile with Dentures?

Yes, you can smile with dentures just as you do with your natural teeth.

Do Dentures Change Your Smile?

Yes, dentures can dramatically improve your smile by restoring the look and function of your natural teeth.

Does It Hurt to Smile with Dentures?

You may experience slight irritation or soreness during the first few weeks of wearing dentures. However, once you become accustomed to them, you will feel more comfortable and confident smiling with dentures.

If you are looking to get new dentures or want to learn more about smiling with dentures, contact European Denture Center today. We design and create well-fitted, customized dentures at affordable prices, ensuring a beautiful, natural smile.

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