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Why Getting Dentures at a Young Age Isn’t A Big Deal!

Most people associate dentures with old people. However, young patients are getting dentures if they have lost some or all of their teeth. The NIDCR reports individuals between the ages of 20 to 34 years have an average of 26.9 of all their natural teeth. For individuals between the ages of 35 to 49 years, that average number is even lower.

Dentures at a Young Age

There are many young individuals walking around without some or all of their natural teeth. If you have lost one or more of your teeth, getting dentures or partial dentures to replace the missing teeth may make sense. Living with missing teeth can set you back socially, emotionally, and professionally. Before we look into the benefits of getting dentures or partial dentures, let’s discuss the causes of tooth loss and how it can happen to young people.

Causes of Tooth Loss in Young People

Tooth loss in young people is mainly due to gum disease, like gingivitis or periodontitis, or cavities. Certain medical conditions, like gastrointestinal acid reflux or bulimia, can cause tooth erosion that eventually leads to tooth loss. In addition to disease, sports injuries are also a cause of tooth loss for many younger people.

Why You Need Dentures or Partial Dentures

If you are missing some or all of your teeth, partial- or full dentures can be beneficial. Many patients choose dentures to improve their smiles. Spaces left by missing teeth allow the remaining teeth to shift and become misaligned, affecting your ability to chew properly. Large gaps between your teeth also impact your confidence and affect your professional and personal life. All of these factors contribute to why a person may need a tooth replacement option at a younger age.

Here’s why you should consider getting dentures at a young age:

  • Advanced Technology in Dentures

    Young people will be amazed to know how much denture technology has improved over time. Modern dentures and partial dentures are no longer bulky plates of false teeth that fit awkwardly. Instead, they are advanced restorations made from state-of-the-art materials that offer improved fit with a more life-like appearance. There are also many partial dentures that do not use metal, such as Valplast and Zirlux Acetal Resin flexible partial dentures, that are light and blend in with your natural tissue colors.

    Once you have decided to replace missing teeth with a denture or partial denture, selecting the appliance that matches your needs is relatively simple. Replacing your missing teeth has a variety of benefits.

  • You will Feel more Confident

    Missing teeth detracts from your appearance and affects your self-esteem. Imagine when you no longer need to feel shy in front of the camera when your friends are taking a group selfie. Imagine no longer feeling self-conscious in social situations. Replacing missing teeth can completely improve your outlook on life and restore your confidence.

  • Prevents Further Damage to your Teeth

    Leaving spaces between your natural teeth can put excessive pressure on the teeth that remain, causing them to wear, shift, and become lose over time. Flexible partial dentures are a great option to replace a few missing teeth because they are generally more kind to your natural teeth than other alternatives. Flexible partials also serve to stabilize the bite and help keep your teeth in proper alignment with one another.

  • Restore Regular Eating Habits

    Proper nutrition is vital for your long-term health. If you have missing or damaged teeth, you may be limiting your consumption of certain nutritious foods, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. This can impact your overall health. With dentures, you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about discomfort or inability to chew properly. Your diet can return to a healthy balance.

  • Getting Dentures at a Young Age

    Young people think they are not appropriate candidates for dentures or partial dentures. They often have an image of their grandparents in mind, who used to dislodge their dentures whenever they blew out the candles on their birthday cake.

    Modern dentistry has made newer dentures much more stable. And there are many more options than just getting a full set of dentures. It’s possible to replace just one or two teeth while preserving the rest of your natural teeth for years to come.

  • Having Dentures Fitted

    After removing the unrestorable permanent teeth, the denture dentist recommends waiting for a few months to allow the gums to change shape before permanent dentures are made. To ensure there is no awkward toothless period, patients often opt to wear immediate dentures until the gums have shrunk.

Traditional lower dentures are always more difficult to wear and often slip and slide. But implant-supported dentures provide a high-level of security. The dentist surgically places the dental implants into the jawbone. As the surgical sites heal, the implants become one with the bone. This allows a denture to be made that snaps securely onto the implants.

Keep in mind that getting implant-supported dentures is not a single event. It is a process that takes many months. You must have sufficient jawbone to hold the implants securely within the bone. You may not be a candidate for implants if you have certain systemic health problems. Talk with our denture dentist or denturist to determine if implant-retained dentures are the right solution for you.

If you are a young person who has missing teeth and is in need of dentures or you know someone who is, contact European Denture Center today to schedule an appointment. We have four convenient locations to serve you in Boise, Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho, Ontario, Oregon, and Everett, Washington

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