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If you are looking to get a replacement for your missing teeth or decayed teeth, European Denture Center has a denture clinic in Ontario Oregon. Dentures are custom-created to look and function like your original teeth. We provide Advance Comfort affordable denture implants, dentures and partial dentures that meet your unique requirements and budget.

Our Denture Services in Ontario, Oregon

We ensure outstanding results and ultimate comfort to our patients by providing customized denture solutions in a friendly and comfortable environment.

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Why Choose Us for Dentures in Ontario, Oregon?

Dentures are a great option to replace your lost teeth and improve your smile and confidence. Here are a few major reasons to choose our denture care center in Ontario, Oregon:

  • Our own dental lab and state-of-the-art dental technologies enable us to deliver top-notch denture care services to our patients.

  • We have a team of experienced, well-trained, and certified denturist and denture dentists.
  • We use the latest technologies and high-grade materials to custom-build our dentures. You will enjoy more durability, natural look, and supreme comfort with our dentures.

  • We create our dentures in our on-site lab and they come with a cash-back guarantee, which saves you considerable time and money.

  • During your complimentary consultation, our denture dentists will complete a thorough oral and smile examination to understand your dental concerns and explain your treatment options, so you can make an informed decision.

  • At our denture care center in Ontario, we accept most payment plans, insurance policies, and Medicaid to make dentures affordable for all our patients.


The cost of the denture varies depending on the type of denture, denture material, and additional treatments required such as extractions or implants.

The waiting time after extraction depends on your needs and denture type. Generally, you need to wait for 6 to 8 weeks after extraction. This prepares your mouth to receive dentures. Your dentist will re-examine your mouth to see if you are ready to accept dentures.

You may experience a strange feeling once your denture is fitted, this is normal for every patient. It takes a little time for your mouth, facial muscles, tongue, and routine activities like eating and speaking to get used to dentures. Once you adapt to dentures, everything will feel normal and you will feel more confident.

You can eat soft foods such as chopped boiled eggs, apple sauce, cooked cereals, puddings, and soup broth for a few days after wearing dentures. Avoid consuming hot foods and beverages and whole fruits. When you are ready to take solid foods, make sure to cut them into small pieces before eating. Chew slowly and thoroughly before swallowing your foods. Avoid consuming foods that stick on your teeth.

If possible, you should keep your new dentures in position for 24 to 48 hours.

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