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Overcoming Your Fear of Getting Dentures

If you avoid going to the dentist until it’s absolutely necessary, you’re in good company. One out of five people do the same. and between 5-8% avoid going altogether. But what if you dream of a perfect smile and know dentures could help, but are fearful of actually taking the plunge?

Here are some tips that could help.

Be Honest with Your Denturist

fear of getting dentures

Don’t try to put on a brave face and fake your way through an appointment. Your denturist cares about your comfort, and it’s important that they know if you are feeling particularly anxious. Before you begin any conversation or procedure, make sure you tell them that you have a history of intense fear around dental procedures, so they can take steps to help you feel more comfortable.

Ask for What You Need

Be open about things your denturist can do to make you feel more comfortable at your visits. It may be helpful to ask them to narrate what they are doing so no sensation or feeling catches you off-guard. On the other hand, you may prefer to be blissfully unaware during procedures and may want to bring headphones or watch a movie on your personal device. Evaluate what your personal needs are, and don’t be afraid to speak up.

Consider Sedation

There are different levels of sedation that can help you to cope with your anxiety during a denture appointment. From nitrous oxide to a pre-appointment sedative, there are lots of options that can help your body and mind relax when you’re in the dentist’s chair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures

What Are the Common Misconceptions About Wearing Dentures?

Many people have fears and misconceptions about dentures. While some concerns may have been valid in the past, they don’t hold anymore. The quality of modern dentures is continuously improving. After an adjustment period, you can enjoy the benefits of white, straight, and attractive teeth. Also, you can eat, drink, and speak normally, without embarrassment.

Here are 5 most frequently discussed concerns about wearing dentures:

  • I have to avoid social situations in case my dentures slip out.
  • I’ll have to avoid certain foods.
  • I’ll never get used to dentures because they hurt
  • Everyone knows when I’m wearing dentures
  • I’ll look older

These common fears or misconceptions about dentures usually emerge from outdated information.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Wearing Dentures

Many people who need dentures put them off or avoid them altogether because of fear. However, with the right set of dentures and professional dental care, none of these worries should stop you from receiving what you need. Innovations in dentistry have significantly improved dentures, making them look and function like natural healthy teeth.

Here are some reasons why your fear of dentures isn’t justified anymore:

  • Fully custom-made dentures provide the best look, fit, and function for their patients.
  • Dentures are lighter, more natural-looking, and much easier to manage than ever before.
  • Dentists can also attach dentures to mini-implants for a more secure feel.
  • Permanently fixed implant dentures make eating and talking look and feel just like your natural teeth.
  • Properly fitted and supporting dentures will prevent denture pain, drooling, and spitting.

How Can You Help a Loved One on Their Denture Journey?

You can express your support by effectively communicating with them throughout their denture procedure. Have a detailed conversation with your loved one about the entire process to understand their care needs. This will help you plan ahead and provide the necessary support while they adapt to their dentures.

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