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Five Signs That You May Need Dentures

You never thought dentures would be something to consider at this time in your life; after all, most people think they’re just a necessity for old people.

So you’ll be surprised to know dentures are becoming utilized by more and more people every day. In fact, the number of adults needing dentures in the U.S. is expected to reach 37.9 million by the year 2020. 

If you’re one of the ones who takes care of your oral hygiene the way you should, you’re likely to be safe from needing dentures early. But there are still some things that could indicate the dentures may be in your future.

1. You put off your visits to the dentist.


Visiting the dentist at least twice is year is essential for your oral health as it helps prevent tooth decay. However, in the year 2015, only 64% of adults aged 18-64 visited the dentist in U.S.

Going to the dentist every six months ensures that any problems are identified before they become serious enough to cause significant oral decay. If cavities and periodontal problems aren’t identified and treated early, they may require your teeth to be extracted which can increase your chance of needing future dentures.

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2. Loss of teeth

If you lose teeth, whether due to decay or injury, dentures are the most logical replacements. You may need either full or partial dentures, based on your circumstances.

Losing teeth due to gum disease and tooth decay is avoidable, so try to make sure you take care of your pearly whites the best you can if you want to avoid needing dentures. If you’ve lost teeth due to injury, a partial denture can help prevent your remaining, healthy teeth from shifting into the gap.

3. Widening gaps between your teeth

Widening spaces or a shift in your teeth can indicate bone loss due to gum disease. It’s not always easy to self-identify early and can advance quickly if not treated properly. If your teeth loosen they may need to be extracted, resulting in a need for dentures much earlier in your life than you had expected.

4. Difficulty chewing or speaking

You may feel like missing a few teeth does not necessarily warrant the hassle of getting dentures. After all, you can live perfectly fine with a few gaps in your mouth.

However, it can also affect your speech, your confidence, and your physical health. If you have to limit your diet due to a lack of teeth, you may notice that your health starts to decline.

In this case, dentures are not simply a cosmetic fix. Even if you’re only missing a couple of teeth, you may want to consider partial dentures to help alleviate any speech problems and restore your ability to eat.

5. Altered facial structure

If you’re happy with your oral functionality even though you’re missing a tooth or two, look in the mirror. Sometimes, tooth loss can cause your facial muscles to sag and lead to an altered facial structure, advancing the aging process. This can have a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem or confidence. Dentures can help fill in your face and restore a youthful appearance.

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