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Denture Repair: Things You Need to Know

In addition to being able to smile in front of others, dentures help you to put your best foot forward in social settings while allowing you to eat comfortably and speak with confidence! Should your denture break unexpectedly, it should be repaired immediately. Read further to learn more about the essential things you need to know when it comes to denture repairs.

What is a denture repair?

Broken dentures can often be restored to like-new condition with a repair. Denture repairs are performed in a dental laboratory by a skilled technician under the direction of a dentist. Before the denture is delivered to a laboratory, the dentist will examine the denture carefully and provide the lab technician with detailed instructions to make the repair process go as smoothly as possible.

What type of glue can be used on dentures?

Dentures that have broken or split cannot be repaired with ordinary household glue. Glue will not withstand the chewing forces placed on the dentures and the denture will break again. Often the second break will be worse than the first and may render the denture completely unusable. It’s wise to keep an old set or a spare set of dentures on hand for unexpected denture emergencies.

Is it safe to use super glue to fix dentures?

No. Please don’t ever repair your dentures with super glue or other adhesives available at home. Super glue contains toxic chemicals that may lead to gum inflammation and should not be used on any appliances that enter the mouth.

Secondly, super glue residue can damage the area surrounding the denture fracture and complicate the denture repair process. It can also alter the fit of the denture, make your dentures vulnerable to further breakage, or render the denture completely unrepairable. Super glue is partially water-soluble, which means that the saliva in your mouth will dissolve it over time.

Super glue was never intended for use on dental appliances.

How much does it cost to get dentures relined?

A reline adds new material to a denture in order to improve its fit. Denture relining is usually quite affordable. The total cost will depend on several factors, including:

  • The type of reline needed
  • The type of material that the denture is made from
  • The location where the reline is being performed (dental office, clinic, or laboratory)

What should I do if my dentures break?

Here is some advice that you should consider should your dentures break:

  • Call your dentist to schedule a denture repair appointment.
  • If you have a spare set of dentures, begin using them.
  • Avoid trying short-term denture repair techniques at home.

Why is professional repair necessary?

Do not try to fix your broken dentures on your own. Many times, people mess them up and cause more damage to the dentures while trying to fix them. Always let a dental professional repair your dentures for a hassle-free experience and long-lasting results.

Can partial dentures be repaired?

The teeth and the gum portion of partial dentures are made from denture acrylic. The clasps/clips are made from metal. If a tooth chips, the acrylic gum material cracks or breaks, or a metal clasp breaks, usually it can be repaired within a single day at an affordable price.

How much does it cost to get partial dentures repaired?

Generally, having your partial dentures repaired will cost somewhere in the range of $100–200. Having dentures relined costs between $300–500. At European Denture, we provide the following denture repair and reline services:

  • Hard Chairside Denture Reline – $190 each
  • Temporary Chairside Soft Reline – $99 each
  • Permanent Laboratory Hard Reline – $290 each
  • Permanent Laboratory Soft Reline – $390 each
  • Denture Repairs – Prices vary and start at $119, depending upon the type of breakage

How to repair dentures at home?

If your denture has broken or chipped, schedule an appointment with your dentist or denturist as soon as possible to have them repaired. If the denture has a minor crack, you may use an FDA-approved denture repair kit available at most drug stores and supercenters to repair your denture temporarily before contacting your denturist.

The kit contains all of the essential materials (e.g., bonding material) needed to perform a quick emergency repair to your dentures. Be sure to follow the directions carefully for the best results.

How to fix a tooth that fell out from your dentures?

If one tooth falls out of your dentures, store it in a plastic bag or container for security. Then contact your denturist, who can place the same tooth back into your denture again. If you cannot find the missing tooth, your denture can still be repaired with a stock tooth provided by the laboratory.

Avoid attempting to replace the denture tooth at home. Schedule an appointment with your denturist immediately to have your dentures repaired professionally and to avoid further damage.

How to fix a hairline crack in a denture plate?

If your denture has a hairline crack, the best option would be to schedule an appointment with your dentist or denturist for a repair. If you are unable to do so, you may use an FDA-approved denture repair kit to repair the crack temporarily. However, the emergency bonding material present in these kits is not a long-term solution. You will still need to have your denture repaired by a dental professional as soon as practical.

How to fix a broken denture tooth?

Generally, broken or chipped denture teeth can be easily repaired. Your dentist or prosthodontist will remove the broken tooth from the denture and replace it with a new one. They will ensure that the size, shape, and color of the new tooth match perfectly. In situations where multiple teeth are broken or missing, you will likely need new dentures.

Receive Quality Denture Repair

If you are looking for a cost-effective remedy for broken or missing denture teeth, call European Denture Center today to book a consultation with our specialist. We can recommend your most cost-conscious course of action and have you smiling once again!