Bad Habits Guaranteed to Damage Your Teeth
Published On: April 3rd, 2018Categories: Dentures3 min readViews: 581

Bad Habits Guaranteed to Damage Your Teeth

It’s impossible to avoid wear and tear on the teeth, because nearly everything we do with our mouths will have some effect on the enamel or protective outer layer.

So while teeth are naturally designed to withstand heavy use, it doesn’t mean there is no danger of long-term damage if you engage in certain behaviors.  Modern dentistry has identified some specific habits that could potentially lead to severe tooth damage. In fact, you could be damaging your teeth without even realizing it!

Here are some habits that you must avoid at all costs:

Brushing too hard

While brushing twice a day is good for proper oral hygiene, brushing too hard – or with bristles that are too firm – can be damaging. It wears off the enamel, tears the gum tissues, and could even lead to cavities.

You should be using toothbrushes that are approved by ADA (American Dental Association), which means that the bristles are hard enough to remove the plaque and soft enough to not damage the teeth.

Grinding your teeth

This is a common habit that many people do subconsciously, either during the day while stressed, or at night while sleeping. Grinding your teeth together wears off the enamel and weakens your teeth. Over time it can damage or crack the teeth.

Getting rid of this habit is really difficult; however, you can use a mouth guard at night to prevent the teeth from coming together and to avoid tooth damage.

Using teeth as a tool

Teeth are not meant to be hooks, pliers or bottle openers; therefore, any such activity can harm them. Using teeth as tools often leads to breaks, cracks, and other damage.

Tooth damage can also come from chewing on things other than food. If you have the habit of chewing your nails, tops of pens, or other items, you should make behavioral modifications to deal with these habits and quit them, too.

Drinking too many carbonated drinks and juices

carbonated drinks and juicesBecause carbonated drinks are acidic, they have been found to be quite unhealthy for the teeth. They speed up enamel erosion and lead to tooth decay.

It may seem surprising, but fruit juices also have erosive effects on the teeth thanks to their sugar and acid content, and should also be avoided. Eating the fruit itself is a much better way to get the nutrients from fruit.

If your teeth are severely damaged, or some of your teeth are missing, consider dentures. Flexible partial dentures or other dental restorations can help prevent your gums from further deterioration, which in turn can help preserve your healthy, remaining teeth and help you avoid more severe oral problems down the road.

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