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Reline or Rebase: Which Is Right for You?

A denture is an excellent replacement for your lost teeth and their surrounding tissues. Your dentures may need relining or rebasing if they have shifted from their correct position. Denture relines and rebases not only improve your dentures fittings but also help them last for many years. However, for any rebasing or relining, the related oral tissue must be suitably healthy.

Read on to learn more about denture relining and rebasing to choose the right option for you.

What Is Denture Relining?

Denture relining is performed to replace the lining of your dentures so that they fit correctly in your mouth. Your dentures may require regular relining depending on changes occurring in your dental tissue, bone, and mouth throughout your life. However, the number of relines needed by your dentures may vary depending on factors such as loss of weight, health, oral hygiene, alcohol consumption, and certain medications.

Once you are considered a suitable candidate for a denture reline, the following steps will be performed by the dentist.

  • First, your dentist will roughen the inside portion of the denture. Then, they will correct the denture to relieve the over-extended flanges.
  • The next step is to border mold the denture using a stick compound or rope wax, which will make the muscle attachments sufficiently visible in the impression.
  • Then the interior part of the denture and its borders will be painted using adhesives.
  • It will then be allowed to dry according to the manufacturer’s suggestions.
  • In the next step, a medium body impression material, like rubber base or poly-vinyl siloxane is used to cover the borders and inside surfaces of the denture.

For a perfect outcome, particular attention is given to the location of the midline, centric occlusion, and the extent of acrylic “gum” that is visible.

What Is Rebasing of Dentures?

The impression technique used in both denture rebasing and denture relining is similar. Denture rebasing involves reprocessing of the denture in the lab by replacing nearly all of the remaining pink acrylic material with entirely new acrylic. A denture rebase is preferred over a denture reline when all the denture teeth are in good condition, but the acrylic is in poor shape.

Can You Reline and Rebase Partial Dentures?

Relining removable partial dentures is a common practice in dentistry. However, rebasing is not suggested as often in cases of partial dentures.


A denture reline provides an excellent fit when the patient is diagnosed correctly, and the suitable conditions are present. A rebase procedure may be used when the denture acrylic requires denture repair.

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