missing a tooth due to sports injury
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Missing a Tooth Due to a Sports Injury? Here’s What to Do.

Injuries are a major risk associated with almost every sport. These sports injuries can involve anything including: torn ligaments, broken bones, and missing teeth.

According to the American Dental Assistants Association, the players experience three types of dental injuries, as explained below.

Cracked or Fractured Tooth

A cracked or fractured tooth often occurs after a prolonged mouth trauma in a sporting event. In some cases, these cracks may be negligible, whereas, in others, these may involve severe fractures that will negatively affect the health of the tooth.

Cracks that form in the tooth’s enamel in the longitudinal direction are also called “craze lines.” These cracks do not cause pain or pose any risk for tooth loss. They usually are not discovered until a routine dental checkup.

In more severe cases, you may get a fracture that starts at the tooth crown and extends all the way downward. Such fractures have the following symptoms:

  • Sharp pain when chewing or biting
  • Recurrent tooth pain
  • Pain while having very hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Partial enamel loss revealing tooth’s inner layers

Your dentist will most likely use dental crowns to repair these cracks. This will ensure that the integrity and the strength of the tooth is not compromised.

Fractured Roots

The root of your tooth can also become fractured during a sports injury. It happens when the crack begins at the edge of the tooth root and moves in the direction of the chewing surface. The problem with fractured roots is that you may not be aware of it until you develop an infection in your tooth. The most common treatment option for a fractured root is undergoing a root canal.

Tooth Intrusion

On rare occasions, you can develop a tooth intrusion after a sports injury. Tooth intrusion occurs when the tooth is forced into the jawbone as a result of the injury. Tooth intrusions may result in serious problems such as:

  • Damage of the tooth pulp
  • Root resorption (shortening of the root)
  • A condition called Ankylosis that occurs due to the fusion of the tooth root with the alveolar bone

Importance of Seeking Dental Treatment Immediately after a Tooth Injury

A sports-related tooth injury has the potential to cause long-term dental problems. Therefore, if you ever come across a dental injury, make sure to seek dental treatment immediately. This will also reduce your chances of losing the injured tooth permanently.

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