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How Do Partial Dentures Work? Everything You Need to Know

Partial dentures can be a great option for improving comfort in day-to-day life. They restore both form and function, helping you to regain your smile, prevent your remaining teeth from shifting, and improve your ability to chew properly for better digestion. If the majority of your remaining teeth are still strong and restorable, partial dentures are a worthy option to consider. Let’s talk about how partial dentures work and what you might expect when you replace your missing teeth with a partial.

What are Partial Dentures?

For patients with missing teeth, partial dentures can be a wonderful aesthetic and cost-effective solution to fill gaps caused by missing, broken, or damaged teeth. The term “partial dentures” actually encompasses a broad category of removable dental appliances made from various materials ranging from titanium and cast-metal to acrylic and flexible nylon-based plastics with replacement teeth attached.

Each material has unique benefits and advantages, depending on your specific needs and tooth configuration. For example, some materials offer enhanced stability and longevity. In contrast, others are more suitable for patients with a history of gum disease, tooth decay, or who plan to use the partial denture as a short-term solution while saving for more costly non-removable treatments. These include options like dental implants, tooth replacement, and other methods of replacing one or more teeth.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

A properly-fitted removable partial denture offers numerous benefits that translate into improved self-esteem and thoroughly enjoying the foods that you like to eat. Some of the specific enhancements obtained from replacing missing teeth with removable partial dentures include: 

Improved Speaking

When teeth are missing, it’s difficult to communicate clearly, especially using those sounds that require your tongue to be placed on or behind the front teeth. Think of words such as “third”, “doll”, and even “teeth”. Replacing missing teeth help you annunciate and ensure that other people understand you clearly and correctly. 

Natural Look

According to a psychological research study, “nearly one-third (29%) of Americans say the first aspect of someone’s face that they typically notice is the teeth.” Think about it – other people form an opinion about you based upon the appearance of your teeth. Because artificial teeth blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural existing teeth, they enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence, allowing others to form a positive impression of their encounter with you. 


Having missing teeth puts a heavier workload on your remaining teeth. Partial dentures help to distribute the workload and pressure on the underlying gum tissue created by chewing across the entire dental arch.

Better Eating

Have you ever noticed that the most nutritious foods are the most difficult foods to chew? Foods like fibrous fruits and raw vegetables prove challenging for many people with all of their teeth. But, when teeth are missing, thoroughly chewing until all of the fibers are broken down becomes nearly impossible. Since the teeth do not interlock, large pieces of food become lodged between neighboring teeth. 

Having a partial to fill the gaps allows all of the food to be fully ground before swallowing. This helps the body receive all of the nutrients that healthy foods have while simultaneously improving your general health. 

Things to Consider

There is nothing like having all of your own natural teeth. While partial dentures offer a way for you to operate as if you had a full complement of teeth, they do have their drawbacks: small food particles and seeds can become trapped beneath them; they must be removed from the mouth for cleaning; it will take time and patience to become accustomed to wearing an appliance that covers a large portion of the tissues in the mouth. 

Despite these minor inconveniences, the number of issues that partial dentures solve far outweighs any negative aspects.

Partial Denture Alternatives

Partial dentures aren’t the only solution to replace one or a few missing natural teeth; other dental appliances can also serve the same function. These include dental bridges and single-tooth implants. While these alternatives are more costly and designed to far exceed the lifespan of a typical partial denture, partials do offer the unique advantage of adaptability. In other words, they may be modified or have replacement teeth added to them in the future should an additional tooth be lost. 

How to Get Your Own Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are part of a comprehensive dental treatment plan. In order for partial dentures to be a viable option that will serve you for years to come, your dentist will work with you to improve and maintain the health of the remaining teeth that will support your partial denture. This may include treatments such as dental cleanings, periodontal therapy, or fillings.

So, how do partial dentures work? After completing any necessary treatment, an impression is taken of your teeth and gums – either by physical impression or a scanned digital impression. The partial denture is then constructed in the dental laboratory to fit the shape of your mouth. The partial is delivered and fitted accordingly. After wearing the partial for a few days, it may be necessary for the denturist to adjust the clasps or the false teeth to improve chewing ability or comfort.

Once you receive your partial, don’t assume you are through with the dentist. If you expect your partial to give you a good return on your investment, regular check-up visits are a must. After all, if the natural teeth that support your partial fail, your partial is no longer beneficial to you. 

How Are Partial Dentures Made?

European Denture Center uses a digital workflow and designs most partial dentures using computerized technology. Once the design process is complete, the component parts are milled or 3D-printed to exacting specifications and assembled accordingly. That is why the partials and other removable dental appliances you receive from European Denture Center fit comfortably as soon as you get them.

Partial Dentures with European Denture Center

Do you need to replace missing teeth or have trouble eating because you’ve lost a few of your own teeth? European Denture Center has a solution designed to address your specific dental concerns within your budget. 

Almost any missing tooth dilemma can be improved upon with removable dentures. You’d be surprised how much difference the right partial denture can make in the quality of your life. Why wait? The next step to a beautiful full smile starts with receiving quality dental work. Call or click to arrange your consultation visit today.