Snap-In Dentures Cost
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Full Guide to Snap-In Dentures Cost With Insurance

With the plethora of targeted dental advertising on the internet and television, it is almost impossible not to be aware of the availability of snap-in implant supported dentures. Still, many introductory price points are thrown around, making it impossible for the average person to compare or understand what they are really getting for the money. 

In this article, we will demystify snap-on dentures’ cost and give you some information that will allow you to ask the right questions in order to better understand the options available for paying for dental treatment.  

What Are Snap-In Dentures

Snap-in dentures encompass a wide variety of dental implant configurations that are used to stabilize dentures. Any denture that is held in place by implants that can be removed for cleaning by the wearer is considered to be a snap-in denture.

One popular form of snap-in dentures is the all-on-4 system, where a complete denture is supported by four equally-spaced dental implants that prevent the denture from moving while in function. But the all-on-4 system is not the only option available. 

Removable dentures may be stabilized by as few as two implants or by as many as six or more. The shape of your jawbone determines the implant configuration that is best to address your unique needs. 

How Do Snap-In Dentures Work?

After the dental surgeon places implants within your jawbone, dentures are constructed with metal housings imbedded with acrylic that include some form of rubber or plastic insert, allowing the denture to connect directly to the top surface of each dental implant. 

This allows the denture to lock into place securely, making the denture feel and function much more like natural teeth without the worry that the denture will slip while talking or eating. It’s a replacement teeth system that works well with missing teeth.

Standard Snap-In Denture Cost Without Insurance

The first thing to understand about the cost of implant-supported dentures and snap-in dentures is patient health and anatomy dictate the number and type of implant system that you will need. Patients without adequate bone present in the right locations may require a bone graft in order for implants to be placed, which can add to the total cost of implant retained dentures.

Despite the advertising, it is impossible for anyone to quote an exact price for treatment without conducting a complete examination. Many implant providers provide this service at no charge. Therefore, we will discuss prices in general and provide an average range that you may expect to pay for denture implants.

Depending on the type of treatment that you receive, the price for snap-in dentures can range from approximately $3,000 to $8,000. Remember that this price range is the average and does not include the cost of additional treatment that you may require for implants to be placed, such as bone augmentation. 

European Denture Center Financial Payment Options

European Denture Center understands that most people don’t have excess money lying around to pay for their snap-in denture treatment without regard for cost. While dental insurance can help offset the total cost of treatment, even those with insurance coverage must pay for a portion of their care. 

We will work with your insurance provider, and we offer financing alternatives designed to allow you to receive the best treatment to address your dental health. To better understand the resources at your disposal, see our Insurance and Financing page.

Standard Snap-In Dentures Cost With Insurance

Much like the wide variety of individual patient needs discussed earlier, snap-in denture cost with insurance coverage vary widely among providers and even within policies underwritten by the same insurance company. Insurance contracts have several things in common, including; 

  • yearly maximum benefits, 
  • co-payments, 
  • fee schedules for certain procedures, and 
  • limitations to coverage that are unique to your circumstance. 

The only way to understand how much dental insurance is expected to cover is to have a treatment consultation with the implant/denture dentist and ask the business staff to contact the insurance company directly for a more accurate implant surgery estimate.

Because the total cost of snap-in denture treatment can add up, insurance benefits are frequently maxed out for the year by only a portion of the necessary procedures, leaving the remainder to be financed by the patient. 

Of the average range for snap-in dentures of $3,000 – $8,000, you can expect insurance to help cover somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 toward the cost of treatment. Again, these figures are averages, and your snap-in denture cost with insurance may be different.

Alternatives to Snap-In Dentures

While implant-supported dentures are often considered an ideal treatment because they provide incredible denture stability and allow patients to eat almost anything that they want, not everyone can have dental implant placement. 

Good general health and snap-in denture costs, with insurance or without insurance, sometimes prevent treatment from being a viable option. If cost is an issue, it may be possible to arrange financing or a payment plan with your denture care provider.

While snap-in dentures offer the ultimate in denture stability, newer materials and digital scanning technology have made it possible to have permanent dentures that fit much more precisely and comfortably than dentures made years ago using traditional processing. Conventional dentures made using these advanced methods can be a great alternative when snap-in dentures are not a possible treatment option.

Snap-In Dentures vs. Full Dentures

Conventional full dentures can float, slip, or become otherwise unstable in your mouth. Because your gum tissue and the bone that supports your dentures change with time, traditional dentures must be relined or replaced at regular intervals if they are to remain comfortable.

Snap-in dentures are a special category of full dentures that utilize dental implants for support. Since they attach to implant abutments, they are prevented from moving. This makes for a much more comfortable and natural wearing experience.

In addition to comfort, implant dentures fully support your face and prevent bone loss, reducing the signs of premature aging. Snap-on denture implants really are the next best thing to having all of your own natural teeth. 

Excellent Snap-In Dentures with European Denture Center

Why put up with dentures that are aggravating or uncomfortable to wear? The denture experts at European Denture Center are committed to you living your best life with dentures. Many denture wearers don’t realize what they have been missing until they transition to snap-in dentures. 

Open a world of possibilities for an improved denture experience waiting to be explored by arranging your denture consultation today!