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Published On: January 8th, 2021Categories: Dentures3 min readViews: 680

Dangers of DIY Dentures You Make at Home

Dentures are prosthetics meant to replace your missing teeth. They are held by the adjacent soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. Traditionally, dentures are detachable. However, there are many types of custom denture designs. Some denture designs rely on bonding or clasping to the teeth or dental implants.

All kinds of dentures, i.e., precision, complete, and partial dentures, should be handled carefully. Denture gums are made from acrylic, and denture teeth are made out of acrylic or porcelain. Both materials are vulnerable to damage if accidentally dropped on a hard surface. Therefore, if your dentures need to be repaired or replaced, the best idea is to go to a skilled denturist.

People who try to fix their dentures themselves can often make the situation worse. Dental experts strictly advise against using homemade dentures or using DIY denture repair kits. Additionally, making your dentures at home using a DIY denture kit available on the internet is a bad idea. Instead of being a smart solution to a big problem, homemade dentures can consequently worsen your oral health.

Why Should You Be Careful of Home Denture Kits?

The following points discuss why DIY dentures, making your own dentures, and repairing dentures at home are extremely unhealthy ideas:

Aesthetic Issues

Even if you succeed in making a functional set of teeth using a DIY denture kit, these cannot be suitably personalized to fit your face. This will create several aesthetic problems. Your smile is a combination of the correct proportion of your teeth, gums, and lips. This balance, which is unique to each person, can only be recreated by a skilled dentist.

Cheap Materials

Homemade dentures tend to be inexpensive because they do not use proper materials. These materials might create a nearly natural look, but they cannot withstand the chewing pressure your mouth exerts when you eat your regular diet. If you do not want your diet restricted to the foods you ate when you had missing teeth, do not make your dentures.

Additionally, these materials may be unsuitable for your mouth and might irritate your gums and lips. It can make your mouth more vulnerable to infections and cause further dental problems.

Denture Functionality

Your teeth are not an individual element of your body. They have to function seamlessly with your jaw joints and muscles to enable you to speak and eat properly. Only a dentist can understand the proper alignment of a person’s jaw. Using home denture kits can cause jaw pain simply because your jaw cannot function with the new dentures properly, or it cannot find its natural resting position.

Perils of a Denture Repair Kit

DIY kits cannot repair cracked dentures or broken dentures. As per the FDA, the long-term use of home-repaired dentures can cause continuous irritation, denture sores, faster bone loss, and even tumors. However, if you have cracked or broken dentures, contact your dentist immediately. Denture repair kits may not always work. These may include harsh chemicals that can be ingested if used erroneously.

Toxic Super Glue

People might think using superglue to repair dentures might be a good option, but dental experts discourage patients from doing so. Firstly, superglue is toxic which is ingested through your dentures, causing further problems. Secondly, using superglue to repair your dentures prevents them from being completely repairable by your denturist.

The Takeaway

Recently, the pandemic has led to the majority of people working from home and dental clinics being inaccessible at times. Therefore, there has been an exponential rise in people opting for DIY dentistry. This is an alarming trend. If you have any queries or are facing oral health issues, it is best to seek advice from your dentist.

DIY dentures cannot guarantee your dental health and hygiene, which is crucial to your overall health. Professionally made dentures can be slightly more expensive than trying to make your own dentures. However, their benefits overshadow the added cost.

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