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Can You Use Gorilla Glue to Repair Dentures?

You’re in a panic. Your denture just broke. What can you do? Can you use Gorilla Glue to repair dentures? The short answer is yes, you can if you don’t care about your denture or your health. But the reality is that self-repairing a broken denture doesn’t work out well for most people. If you try to put it back together with household glue, you’d better be prepared to buy a new denture. Let’s talk about some better solutions to deal with broken dentures.

The Issue with Gorilla Glue

First, it is nearly impossible to apply Gorilla Glue to dentures without having an excess amount of glue get all over the denture, ruining its fit and appearance. Secondly, while Gorilla Glue may be a great product to repair household items, it doesn’t function well when the forces of the human jaw are applied to the denture. The denture will eventually break again at the point of least resistance, the thin line of glue holding the two sections together.

Dangers of Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane formula that can be used to bind nearly any type of materials used for building, carpentry, or hobby projects. It expands as it dries. This property can be especially problematic when you are adhering two smooth surfaces together that must align precisely. If you fail to secure the two pieces together while the glue is drying and curing, the expansion of the glue will further separate the pieces rather than forming a secure bond.

The makers of Gorilla Glue recommend that any excess wet glue be removed using paint thinner, which is poisonous. If excess glue is allowed to dry, you’ll need to remove it by sanding or chiseling away the hardened glue, which changes the fit of the denture.

Polyurethane is toxic to human tissue and can cause irritation or a more serious allergic reaction if it comes in contact with skin or oral tissues. Constant or repeated exposure to the chemicals present in the glue can cause damage to your organs. Because Gorilla Glue can take hours to dry fully, the ingredients can be ingested or leach into your digestive tract and poison your system.

What Kind of Glue Can Be Used to Fix Dentures?

There is no type of glue suitable for repairing dentures. Denture repairs are best left to the professionals. They have the knowledge, experience, and skill to repair dentures in such a way that the integrity of the denture is not compromised. With proper denture repair techniques, it’s difficult to detect that the denture has been repaired. If you’ve tried to repair the denture at home and messed it up, be prepared that a dental professional may be unable to fix your mistake and repair it correctly.

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The Benefits of Visiting a Professional

A skilled lab technician can actually extend the life of your broken denture without the worry of damaging the denture with self-repair. They can save you a lot of money, time, and trouble by using the right materials to accomplish the task.

Proper Care

So, can you use Gorilla Glue to repair dentures? Because of the stresses that dentures are subjected to while chewing, glue in any form is never a suitable material for repairing dentures. Dental professionals know this, and they don’t use glue to repair dentures.

Instead, they figure out how the pieces go back together correctly and temporarily secure them in place. Then, a plaster index is created to hold the broken parts in their correct orientation. The broken surfaces are roughened to allow for proper bonding. Finally, new denture acrylic is applied to the roughened surfaces and allowed to cure with heat and pressure before the denture is cleaned and polished. Using proper repair techniques assures that the denture will remain intact while chewing. 

Early Warning

It is recommended that denture wearers have a dental professional examine their dentures periodically to determine if the denture is displaying early warning signs of failure. Hairline cracks, small voids or imperfections in the denture base, and discoloration around the neck of teeth can be indicators that something is amiss, and preventive denture care is a prudent step to take.

Quick Service

Being without your denture for a short time while a trained dental technician repairs your denture can take the anxiety away from attempting to do the job at home. If you try to repair it yourself, the added stress is involved in getting the denture repaired correctly. And, if you mess it up, you’ll be worse off in the long run. Using a professional denture repair service gives you the peace of mind that your denture will perform like new.

Denture Repair with European Denture Center

European Denture Center offers two great options for denture repair. For the denture wearer close to one of our convenient locations, we provide same-day denture repair service for simple repairs in most cases. We also offer a remote mail-in repair service option for those who live further away or cannot travel to the dental center. Either way, we make the issue of dealing with broken dentures as stress-free as practical. We want to help you get on with your life as quickly as possible. Why attempt to fix your denture yourself when the technicians at European Denture Center have got you covered?