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How to Avoid Potential Implant Denture Complications

Implant dentures are nothing less than a game-changer in the world of dentistry. Traditional dentures and partial dentures have a few shortcomings as they tend to loosen over time.

Implant dentures, however, are a permanent solution as they are rooted directly into the jaw bone.  They are not removable and function just like natural teeth.

Because installing them is such as extensive procedure, however, it’s possible to develop certain complications such as infection, tissue damage, or soreness.

To avoid such complications, here are some things you should do:

Take the Prescribed Medications

There is a high risk of developing an infection after getting implant dentures. This has nothing to do with an improper surgical procedure, but is a normal risk associated with any surgery. If you have diabetes or smoke regularly, the risks are even higher.


You will most likely be prescribed antibiotics, which you will probably be directed to take both before and after the procedure. These medications will fight any infections that may occur as a result of root insertion. You should take them exactly as directed, and not skip any doses – even if you’re feeling okay.

You will probably be prescribed pain medication as well, which will help you manage the pain after the surgery. You can take these “as needed” and cut down on your dosing frequency as you start to heal and no longer need them.

Refrain from Smoking

If you’re getting implant dentures this may be the time that you consider giving up smoking for good. It’s one of the most harmful habits associated with implant denture complications.

Cigarettes are known to prevent gums from healing and may also cause irritation. This happens because smoking depletes the oxygen supply in the bloodstream, which is necessary for quick healing and the prevention of infection. To give your implant dentures the best chance of healing properly, you must quit smoking for at least several months after the procedure so that your gums have the opportunity to fully heal.


Maintain Oral Hygiene

The best way to prevent any sort of complication from the implant dentures installation is to maintain a high level of oral hygiene. Follow your dentist’s instructions, as they will be specific to your personal oral health.

Proper oral hygiene primarily includes brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and using mouthwash for rinsing. However, oral hygiene goes beyond simply washing and rinsing the mouth. It involves keeping a proper diet as well. Speak with your denturist about their specific recommendations to maintain your oral health and avoid complications in both the short and long term.