Thermoflex flexible partial dentures
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Thermoflex Flexible Partial Dentures: What You Need to Know

The Thermoflex resin material is highly beneficial if you are looking for a comfortable and natural-looking teeth replacement. Traditional cast-metal partial dentures are made from acrylic material and have visible metal clasps. Whereas, Thermoflex flexible partial dentures are created using soft resin and consist of tooth-colored adjustable clasps that thoroughly blend in with the natural shade of the teeth.

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Thermoflex Flexible Partial Dentures

Thermoflex partials are an excellent choice among different flexible partial dentures due to their flexibility, durability, precise fitting, and minimal adjustment requirements. Thermoflex flexible partial dentures offer an extremely comfortable fit to denture wearers and allow them to chew easily.

Thermoflex flexible partial dentures are made from monomer-free polyacetal resin. This resin provides both flexibility and strength to dentures and is available in three different colors that blend beautifully with the most natural tissue shades. The resin is usually injection molded to the tooth using both pressure and heat. This allows the resin framework to be durable yet flexible and lightweight. Also, the elastic memory of Thermoflex ensures that the denture fits firmly into the tooth’s undercut.

Pros and Cons of Thermoflex Flexible Partial Dentures

Here are some pros and cons of Thermoflex flexible partial dentures:


  • The main advantage of Thermoflex flexible partial dentures is that they look like natural teeth.
  • They come in a variety of natural shades, making them virtually invisible in the patient’s mouth.
  • Thermoflex partial dentures can be considered as a great temporary solution if you are planning to receive a dental implant. They are comfortable to wear until the procedure is completed.
  • They minimize the chances of a patient experiencing an allergic reaction as there is no monomer used in their fabrication.
  • Thermoflex partial dentures also reduce the chances of gum irritations and tissue reactions.


  • Sometimes, due to their flexibility, Thermoflex dentures may dislodge and obstruct the patient’s chewing capabilities.
  • Thermoflex partial dentures may feel too delicate to patients suffering from bruxism.
  • Thermoflex flexible partial dentures work the best when supported by your natural teeth.

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