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What Are Full Dentures Made Of?

Full dentures are a significant and worthwhile investment, but you want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Will your dentures be comfortable? Will they be durable and resist wear and tear? How can you ensure your dentures will last as long as possible? One of the primary factors that impact the longevity of your dentures is the materials from which they’re made.

What Full Dentures are Made Of

Generally, full dentures are made from a combination of hard resin and metal. Porcelain was the preferred material in the past, and while it’s still used in some instances, it has gone out of vogue in recent years. While porcelain teeth are stronger and less subject to wearing down, they are more prone to breakage and heavier in the mouth.

Today, acrylic resin is the denture material of choice. It is lighter in weight and significantly cheaper than porcelain, and while the teeth can wear down faster, they are less susceptible to accidental breakage. Acrylic can also be manufactured in custom colors to make them appear more natural in the mouth.

There are many types of resin available on the market today – but not all are created equal. Keep in mind that a high cost doesn’t always correlate to long-lasting dentures, and that you need to do your research on the type and brand of resin your denturist uses.

Quality Dentures in Everett, WA

European Denture Center believes in giving their customers comfortable, long-lasting dentures at a good value. For this reason, they are selective about the type of resin they use, and they refuse to offer low-quality products that they know will not hold up to long-term use.

European Denture Center only uses state-of-the-art time-tested materials. Not only do their dentures last longer and feel better inside your mouth, but the resin they choose is more durable and lighter weight. It resists staining and discoloration compared to many inferior products on the market today, and holds up to everyday wear and tear. European Denture Center crafts dentures using multi-layered teeth, which look more natural and stay sharper longer than most conventional denture teeth.

Overall, you can expect your full dentures from European Denture Center in Everett to look more natural, fit more comfortably, and last longer. And they wholeheartedly believe in their work so much that all of their products are backed by a warranty and a team dedicated to your satisfaction.

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