boise idaho imeediate dentures

If you are feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable about having only a few or no teeth, consider an immediate denture fitting right after your tooth extraction. At European Denture Center in Boise, Idaho, we provide immediate dentures to patients until their permanent denture fitting is completed.

What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are temporary dentures that are inserted immediately following your tooth extraction. These dentures are usually required to be worn for the first two to three months, immediately following your tooth removal. They help to protect your gums while you heal and make the transition to permanent dentures easier.

The Immediate Denture Process

The immediate denture procedure differs from the conventional denture procedure because the dentures are created from the impressions before the teeth have been removed.

Here is a guide to our immediate denture process:

  • Our dentist will take a few impressions of your mouth to fabricate your temporary dentures.

  • After the tooth extraction, the dentist will place your temporary dentures, which you will wear until your permanent dentures arrive.

  • You may feel minor soreness, swelling, or an increased saliva production on the first day as your mouth undergoes healing and adapts to your temporary dentures.

  • Take the prescribed medications and apply cold packs to relieve soreness and swelling. Make sure to apply gentle biting pressure.

  • The soreness and uneasiness will go away in a few weeks. Also, your speech and chewing ability will gradually improve.

  • You can start with eating softer foods and practice talking with your dentures. Visit us for any minor adjustments to your immediate dentures.

  • If your immediate dentures come off during laughing, coughing, or chewing, place them gently in your mouth.

  • When your permanent dentures arrive for your initial fitting, you can keep your temporary dentures as a spare for any future need.

You should ensure proper cleaning and care for your immediate dentures just like your permanent dentures.

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FAQS on Immediate Dentures

Are Immediate Dentures Temporary?

Yes, immediate dentures are temporary. Dentists usually recommend them when you have undergone a tooth extraction due to gum disease or decay, and the extracted tooth has to be replaced with permanent dentures. Immediate dentures protect your gums and tissues and help in a smoother transition to your permanent dentures.

Why Should You Consider Immediate Dentures?

If you want to get extractions and dentures in the same day, immediate dentures are the best choice. An immediate denture is either a partial or a complete denture inserted into a patient’s mouth immediately after a tooth extraction.

Immediate dentures will help you walk out from the dental clinic with a full set of teeth while your permanent dentures are being made. It could take two to four weeks before your permanent dentures are finally fitted in your mouth. Immediate dentures will help you get used to your permanent dentures.

How Long Does It Take to Get Accustomed to Immediate Dentures?

You may experience soreness and slight discomfort once your immediate dentures are placed. Dentures will feel natural and function like your original teeth within a few weeks. You can visit your dentist if you think your immediate dentures require some minor adjustments to feel more comfortable.

What Is the Cost of Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures cost varies depending on the individual oral health conditions and preferences. Your dentist will inform you of the exact price based on your unique health condition and requirements.