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If you are considering a full denture replacement for your missing or damaged teeth due to trauma or decay, then look no further! Our state-of-the-art full dentures services in Boise, Idaho, will help you get the most aesthetically pleasing and fully functional set of teeth.

What Are Full Dentures?

Full dentures provide the most practical alternative for replacing an entire arch of teeth. A full denture helps to restore all of your missing teeth and the soft tissue bone that get dissolved on you losing teeth. A complete denture can fill in the spaces of your smile and restore your facial shape to prevent a sunken facial appearance.

A full denture is created using an acrylic base and has acrylic teeth. They are intended to fit your mouth so that you can comfortably carry-out your routine activities such as talking and eating.

Our Full Denture Services in Boise, Idaho

We offer the following five categories of full dentures that are built by the expert technicians at our on-site lab.

  1. Eclipse Full Dentures

    These are an ideal choice for full dentures because they provide an exceptional accurate fit as compared to conventional dentures. Eclipse is an innovative prosthetic resin system that offers a distortion-free and non-allergen experience to denture wearers.

  2. Signature Full Dentures (PhysioStar® NFC)

    The unique surface structure of each PhysioStar® NFC is intended to mimic natural-looking teeth. PhysioStar® teeth retain their aesthetically pleasing, high-gloss coating for many years as they are resistant to stain and wear. They also have a patented anterior layering for each mold.

  3. Premium Full Dentures

    Each premium denture teeth reflect unique quality as they are handcrafted by professional artists with Candulor porcelain at our dental lab. Candulor porcelain teeth have high abrasion resistance, translucency, shade consistency, and a natural appearance.

  4. Basic Full Dentures

    These denture teeth are created using a patent injection compression process and are anatomically-shaped for a pleasing, natural appearance. Basic full dentures are attractive, cost-effective, highly-durable, and a perfect choice for removable appliances.

  5. Implants-Retained Full Dentures

    These are an excellent option to completely secure your dentures in your mouth. Implants are tiny metal posts that substitute as the roots of missing teeth to keep your jawbone in proper health and shape. An implants-retained denture can be removed when needed.

How Much Does It Cost for Full Dentures?

The cost of a full set of dentures varies from patient to patient. It depends on many factors such as the condition of your mouth, materials and techniques used, as well as your dentist’s location and expertise.

Why Choose Us?

We are a trusted denture care center, offering personalized full denture services in Boise, Idaho. Our knowledgeable and experienced denture professionals strive to help you to choose what's best for you, depending on your unique situation. We offer the latest range of complete dentures that are created at our on-site lab to deliver exceptional results at affordable prices.

Call us to learn how our full dentures can help you get a beautiful new smile, and book your free consultation today!

Customized, Hand-Crafted Dentures Styles





Meets the needs of the value-conscious patient


Available in a range of pleasing tooth sizes and shapes to compliment your appearance


Acrylic teeth are produced using a patented injection compression process


Improved Natural Appearance





Improved visual appeal


Each tooth size and shape is handcrafted individually for a lifelike appearance


Teeth are made of fired porcelain that reflects light similar to natural enamel


Better Fit and Comfort


Physio Star NCF




Our most durable, natural-looking denture with teeth that resist staining and wear


Teeth continue to perform and look great for many years to come


Teeth are made from a unique high-density acrylic created to mimic the development pattern of natural teeth


Advanced Materials Used to Fabricate Denture


Cast Metal Framework with Flexible Elements




Made from resin-based materials for less free chemicals that can potentially cause allergic reactions


Precise fit at the try-in preview and with the final completed denture


Fewer sore spots and fewer adjustments saves you valuable time






Smile, eat and live your life without the potential embarrassment caused by dentures that slip


Preserve bone and your appearance over time while avoiding that “sunken-in” look


Functions optimally when combined with our Signature Physio Star NFC Denture and a metal framework for added strength