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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental professionals all agree; properly fabricated and maintained dentures shouldn't hurt, slip, click, or whistle. If any of the problems you or a loved one are experiencing persist, call your dental professional. Have your problem evaluated to determine the solution that's right for you. You can also learn more about common denture topics from one of dentistry's experts, Dr. Joseph J. Massad. Select a topic below

"I need a denture – what are my options?"

  • Conventional removable partial dentures
  • Precision and semi-precision partial dentures
  • Conventional over-denture
  • Implant over-denture
  • Immediate dentures – what to expect
  • Wearing a new denture – what to expect
  • Why consider a metal base denture?
"I'm having problems with my denture – what can I do?"

  • Understanding the broken denture
  • Are lower dentures always a problem?
  • Usefulness of denture adhesives and how to clean up
  • When should a denture be replaced?
  • "What about…?"
  • Why have regular comprehensive denture check-ups?
  • Dry mouth
  • Porcelain versus Plastic denture teeth
  • Soft denture liners
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