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If you are looking for quality denture relines to overcome the discomfort of your dentures, you have come to the right place. At European Denture Center, our affordable and convenient denture reline service will make your routine life more comfortable. Our superior denture liners help to ensure that you get the best dentures fit for your mouth.

Denture Reline

Dentures may become less comfortable over time, and require minor shape adjustments. Denture reline process helps to reshape your dentures and make them fit comfortably and accurately to your gums. You can increase the life of your dentures and improve your oral health through regular denture relining.

Why Choose Us to Reline Your Denture?

We are a trusted denture care provider in Boise, ID proudly serving the community for many years. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals fabricate and perform denture work in our onsite laboratory. This helps us to ensure rapid turnaround time.

We only use high-grade materials, certified safe by American standards. Our denture specialists provide the most suitable denture relines and adjustments to meet your oral and overall health needs.

FAQs on Denture Relines

Why Are Denture Relines Needed?

New dentures generally fit your mouth securely as they are specifically designed for your gums. Over time, your gum tissues transform, leading to loose-fitting dentures that are more likely to shift inside your mouth. Getting your dentures professionally relined will help keep them secure and functional.

What Are the Types of Relines?

The three main types of relines that may be recommended to you depending on the severity of tissue change and kind of denture, include:

Hard Relines -

A hard reline often is made from the same material as the body of a denture. It is a hard acrylic and will last for many years.

Soft Relines -

A soft reline is used when a patient gets many sore spots or wants a more cushioned feel to their denture.

Temporary Relines -

A temporary reline is usually done when significant changes are expected. They are provisional and are replaced with a more long-lasting reline.

How Much Does It Cost to Reline Dentures?

Denture reline cost varies depending on the type of denture, amount of relining needed, and the dental prosthesis you want. Your dentist will keep you informed about the exact price of relining based on your requirements and oral conditions.

How Long Does a Soft Denture Reline Last?

With proper care and maintenance, your soft denture reline can last a few months. Your liner can stay in your denture teeth if it is comfortable, well-fitted, free of bacteria, and clinging properly.

How Often Should You Have Dentures Relined?

You should have your dentures relined every 1 to 2 years. Relining will not affect the visual aesthetics of your dentures. It will help your dentures to adapt to the changing shape of your gums and fit accordingly.

If you want more information about our denture relines, contact us for a free consultation today.