common issues for denture wearers
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5 Common Issues Faced by Denture Wearers

Dentures are a superior, cost-effective alternative to missing or decayed teeth. However, it may take some time before your tongue, mouth, and facial muscles get used to wearing dentures.

Here are some common problems experienced by the denture wearers:

  1. Trouble Eating

    Eating may be difficult when you first get your new dentures. Your dentures can slip out of position and reduce your chewing efficiency and bite forces. Swallowing large pieces of food and eating hard foods like nuts and seeds can be challenging. Consider softer foods and make sure to cut larger foods into smaller pieces before you eat them. You won’t have trouble eating food with fixed, non-removable dentures.

  2. Sore Spots

    When wearing tissue-supported false teeth, your prosthetic will move around and rub on your gums. Excess pressure on a particular area, which is caused by loose-fitting dentures results in sore spots. The sore spots can be painful and make eating more difficult. Implant supported, permanent dentures offer an excellent solution because they don’t lead to sore spots in the mouth.

  3. Reduced Taste

    For dentures to stay in position, they have to cover your mouth palate. Just like our tongue, our palates contain taste buds. Therefore, you cannot experience the taste of the foods when dentures are covering your palate. Due to this, denture wearers tend to add more salt in their diet to experience taste. Eating over-salted foods can cause you to develop high blood pressure, which leads to other health consequences. The fixed, removable dentures are smaller than conventional dentures, so they do not cover the palate and cause loss of taste.

  4. Inconvenience

    Denture wearers have to take out their dentures before going to bed and clean them with a denture solution. Therefore, they need to remember to remove and clean their dentures every night. Sleeping with the dentures and failing to clean them can result in thrush or other dental problems. You won’t experience these inconveniences when you wear fixed, permanent dentures.

  5. Social Phobias

    Denture wearers are concerned about denture slippage when eating, chewing, or speaking to someone else. Removable dentures can cause embarrassing moments, so denture wearers may withdraw from social events such as family outings, get-togethers with friends, and dating. This can cause loneliness, isolation, and depression in denture wearers. However, permanent, fixed dentures will remain in position and won’t slip out of your mouth, so that you can take part in social events without hesitations.

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