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Common Diseases Associated with Tooth Loss

While it is common knowledge that tooth loss is often a result of periodontal diseases, the truth is that it is linked to several other diseases as well – some even deadly.

This shows how important it is for individuals to properly care for their oral health. Here are some diseases that have been directly linked to tooth loss:

Cardiovascular Disease

The connection between tooth loss and cardiovascular disease has long been studied. Gum diseases that lead to tooth loss have been found to lead to peripheral artery diseases, as well as carotid artery plaque.

Researchers in China reported that people with missing teeth have a 28% higher chance of a heart attack, and a 12% higher risk of having a stroke.


The American Dental Association has found a link between tooth loss and dementia. Poor oral health and periodontal diseases have often been associated with developing dementia in the later stages of life; however, nutritional deficiencies because of limited diets due to a restricted ability to eat haven’t been ruled out either.

The research is still ongoing to establish a more reliable and definitive connection between the two.


Researchers have often linked cancer with tooth loss. However, besides oral cancers, researchers are finding more and more links between tooth loss and other forms of cancer, such as breast cancer.

Kidney Disease

Although there is a definite association between periodontal disease and kidney disease, it’s still not fully understood. Several studies have proven that tooth loss leads to increased chances of developing chronic kidney diseases, but more studies are required in order to determine whether the link is causal.

Pregnancy Problems

Pregnancy often leads to deteriorating oral hygiene because of a change in hormones, and studies have shown that tooth loss and gum diseases can create several complications for women.  These include premature birth, restricted fetal growth, and preeclampsia. Pregnancy can also speed up periodontal diseases, leading to faster tooth loss.

For individuals who struggle with severe tooth decay or tooth loss, dentures may be a practical solution. They can help allow for improved oral health and hygiene, resulting in better overall health.

When getting dentures, the decaying teeth are removed which allow any gum diseases to be properly treated. Once the gums heal, dentures can be installed to restore regular eating habits and help avoid nutritional deficiency.

Schedule a free, no-obligation appointment today to get a complete assessment of the condition of your teeth. At European Denture Center we provide complete oral health solutions that include full dentures, partial dentures, and flexible partial dentures. We also provide All-on-4 denture implants that function as regular teeth. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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