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Have Bad Denture Breath? Here’s What to Do

Garlic and failure to brush are not the only two reasons for bad breath. There are several reasons why you may be suffering from bad breath, and one of them is denture halitosis.

Bacteria that attack your natural teeth can attack your false teeth, too. And since dentures are made of acrylic, regular brushing may not be able to alleviate the problem. If you are regularly experiencing bad breath while wearing full dentures or partial dentures, here’s how to fight it:

Test Your Dentures

First, perform a test on your dentures in order to verify that the odor is indeed coming from them. This will help you rule out any other possibility like an infection in the gums.

  1. Put your dentures in an airtight plastic bag and close it.
  2. Leave your dentures inside the bag for an hour.
  3. Remove the dentures from the bag and smell the bag.

If the bag stinks from the inside, then it means your dentures are at fault.

If you looked at your dentures on a microscopic level, you would be able to see that your dentures have rough textures. This means that there is plenty of space for bacteria to hide, and why regular brushing isn’t going to help.

Try an Ultrasonic Denture Cleaning Unit

Consider investing in a good ultrasonic denture cleaning unit to help battle denture odor. They run between $20 and $50, and provide dentures with a vibratory bath, giving your dentures an extra scrub with their bubbles.

Cleaning your dentures with these units will help ensure that bacteria are removed from every corner of the dentures.

Do a Chemical Cleansing

If the bacteria accumulation in the dentures is too much, then you may need to chemically clean the dentures in order to disinfect them properly.

Soak your dentures in a diluted bleach solution for at least 10 minutes. Remove them from the solution and rinse them thoroughly.

You can also ask your denturist to recommend a chemical cleaner that is safe to use on your dentures.

Use Mouth Wash

If your dentures are infected with bacteria, there is a good chance that your gums and tongue are infected too, contributing to your bad breath. For this, use a good quality mouth wash every day to thoroughly wash and clean your mouth and kill the bacteria.

Remove Them for at Least 6 Hours

Once your dentures are clean, make sure they remain clean. Remove them at night before going to sleep and put them in a glass of water.

This process is helpful because it cleans the bacteria, tartar and plaque from your dentures. Removing them for at least six hours each day will also ensure that your dentures get a break from the acidic environment of your mouth.

After going through these steps, if the foul odor persists it probably means your dentures need repair or replacement. If you reside in or around Everett, WA, we are ready to help. We provide denture repairs for all kinds of dentures, including full dentures, partial dentures and flexible partial dentures. We also make custom made dentures under $700. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation!

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