Digital Dentures

A Technologically Advanced Approach to Great-Fitting Dentures

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Compare the Features and Characteristics of Each Digital Denture

basic digital denture

Basic Denture

Printed Base & resin teeth
complete denture set

Premium Denture

Milled Base & Resin teeth
professional denture cleaning

Signature Denture

Milled Base & Multilayer teeth or Porcelain teeth
Starts from$895
per arch
Starts from $1,495
per arch
Starts from $2,495
per arch
Aesthetics Good Great Excellent
  Stability & Fit
Stability & Fit Good Excellent Excellent
Strength Good Great Excellent
  Stain Resistant
Stain Resistant Good Great - Excellent Excellent
  Odor Resistant
Odor Resistant Great Excellent Excellent
  Teeth Shade
Teeth Shade 6 6 - 8 12
  Life expectancy
Life expectancy 5-7 years 8-10 years 12-20 years
Chewability Good Good Great
  Allergy Free
Allergy Free High High High
  Maintenance & reparability
Maintenance & reparability Moderate Good Excellent
  Free adjustment & Deep cleaning
Free adjustment & Deep cleaning 1 year 3 years 5 years
Warranty 1 year 5 years 7 years

Digital Denture Advantages


Digital Dentures are fabricated completely free from allergy-provoking monomers. Using a revolutionary process that doesn’t depend on a chemical reaction to form the dentures, irritation of your delicate soft tissues is a thing of the past.


Precise Fit

Because Digital Dentures are made using precise CAD/CAM technology, they are designed to conform to the shape of your mouth like a glove. You’ll be amazed at how comfortable they fit at delivery.

Fewer Sore Spots

Minimize the discomfort and the hassle of getting new dentures. The precise fit of Digital Dentures means less soreness and less time spent in the dental office for adjustments.

Greater Retention

Greater Retention

Because Digital Dentures are designed to the most exacting standards using computer-aided technology, you are assured a denture with great retention and excellent tissue adaptation that can’t be matched with any traditionally-processed denture. The difference in fit and comfort really is unprecedented.

Revolutionarily Different Digital Dentures


We have successfully treated thousands of patients, freeing them of problematic dentures.

Many patients have been told by other providers that their denture problem is untreatable. Not so at European Denture Center. A combination of advanced science and bold innovation helps us offer our patients maximum comfort, tightness, chewing ability, and good looks with minimal discomfort.

Denture cleaning kit

Get your Free Denture Cleaning Kit

(A value of $68.95)

Schedule a free, no obligation consultation and you’ll receive a FREE denture cleaning kit and Denture Care book. Call our friendly staff or apply online today.

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