About European Denture Center

Over the past 10 years, thousands of denture wearers have come to European Denture Center with problem dentures.

  • They suffered with painful dentures.
  • They suffered with loose-floppy dentures.
  • They had trouble eating normally or just gave up on many foods.
  • Many were very unhappy with the overall looks of their smiles.
  • But worst of all, they didn’t get a written money back guarantee.
In many cases, they had to pay for two sets of dentures to get one good set.

Another sad problem is that many of these problems denture wearers have come to believe there is no hope for them. They have been told, "This is the best I can do" or "You can never wear dentures like other people" or "You need major reconstruction work before you can be fitted" and, worst of all, "You are untreatable".

How is European Denture Center Different?

Over the past 10 years, European Denture Center has successfully treated thousands of people with problem dentures (many were actually told they were untreatable). A combination of science and innovation helps us give our patients maximum comfort, maximum tightness, maximum chewing ability, and maximum good looks with minimum discomfort.

Every denture comes with a 100% money back guarantee. This means you get to use the dentures for 60 days – if you are not happy with them for any reason, you can return for a full refund or have us correct them in any way – free of charge.

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Henry Babichenko L.D. a Denture Specialist

Dr. Henry Babichenko with a PatientHenry Babichenko L.D., a Denture Specialist has been crafting well-fitting, natural-looking dentures for the past 10 years. He graduated from Portland Oregon College, training in Denturist Medical Science. Henry has completed many hours of seminary education and regularly attends Dental Conventions to learn about latest Dental Arts and Technology.